Editor speaks: The Story Of Two Pathaans – Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan, a Selfiee, a fan and a phone

Editor speaks: The Story Of Two Pathaans – Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan, a Selfiee, a fan and a phone

Right now, Bollywood is in news due to these Pathaans – Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan.

While the comeback of King Khan Shah Rukh Khan after the four years of hiatus has brought the cheers back for the Hindi film industry.

The Khan trinity (Aamir, SRK and Salman) has got a fresh breathe of air, a new life at least for the two – Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan – the Karan Arjun has revived Bollywood by making those front benchers go crazy in Pathaan.

A moment that every true entertainment hungry soul of Bollywood was waiting for.


Pathaan : the fandom of King Khan – Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan is dancing with joy

The front benchers, the single screen audience are the real force behind any stardom. A star/superstar can have a fan everywhere – the urban/upcountry followers may rave for their stars super trendy branded outfits, slick wheels, smart phones etc but the real test, the taste of the suppose thunder as proclaimed by those MNC ads get tested by these so called two tier, three tier audience who can go berserk by dancing with joy and punishingly angry if they don,t get what they want.

Luckily, Pathaan by Siddharth Anand under the banner of Yash Raj Films (which received tremendous backlash for their inability to find the connect with the audience in Shamshera and Samrat Prithviraj – pathetic disastrous.) has done a glorious fan service – records are getting broken left right and centre.

By the time of writing this piece, Pathaan has reportedly minted around 215 crores in 4 days (55+75+37+52) this earth shattering and ceil breaking figures that has broken all records and become the fastest to reach 200 core mark in the history of Bollywood.

With movies that cater to the niche and more sensible/urban audience like Faraaz, Who Am I and Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat releasing in the coming Friday - 03 Feb, 2023. Pathaan has given good time for those curious to know what the fuss surrounding Pathaan is all about to have a dekho..


the boycott gang is still active

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan has for the time being silenced the critics and haters of Bollywood. But the boycott gang is still active and reports of tickets being distributed and fake manipulated bookings allegations are also being made, a section – the Boycott lobby is trying its best to convince that Pathaan is a flop. While the lovers of SRK, Bollywood in general, anti boycott gang is spreading the news/videos of people loving Pathaan and dancing inside the auditorium.

This proxy war is getting interesting now…




Angry Ranbir Kapoor

The heading said, story of two ‘Pathaan’’s – Ranbir Kapoor and SRK.

While the King of Romance is back but not as a romantic hero, the badshah of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan has made a dashing comeback with an action avatar.

While the King – SRK is geared up to conquer the action bastion time to time ruled by Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan), Singham (Ajay Devgn), Khiladi (Akshay Kumar) and of course Bhai (Salman Khan) of Bollywood, the prince (Ranbir Kapoor) played a mischief.

Ranbir Kapoor has received the greatest gift on earth through his love of life turned wife – Alia Bhatt and earned fatherhood, professionally the brilliant actor and instant charmer has faced huge setbacks on professional front.

The #angry Ranbir Kapoor which was trending recently made many believe that the gigantic debacle of his big ticket Shamshera and the negativity winning over the positivity in his touted super hero avatar Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva seems to be bothering the gifted actor (much better than the unnecessarily stagey and OTT flamboyant Ranveer Singh in my opinion).

The viral video that showed Ranbir Kapoor getting pissed off by a fan who wants to take a Selfiee and throwing the phone of the admirer shocked many followers.


Ranbir Kapoor mischeif

Later, it got clear that it was a gimmick to promote a mobile brand.

The fans are happy now..


Ranbir Kapoor's trailer of his upcoming Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar by Luv Ranjan co starring Shraddha Kapoor seems to be a winner

The cheery on the cake for Ranbir Kapoor fans is the fact that the just released trailer of his upcoming next Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar by Luv Ranjan co starring Shraddha Kapoor seems to be a winner in its zone.

So, Bollywood or any wood revolves around a movie, the movie star/actor in that movie and fans.

Interestingly where one Pathaan – Shah Rukh Khan starrer is making the ‘fan’s happy with his comeback, another Pathaan Ranbir Kapoor has made his fans first sad then happy with that phone throwing act.

For the unaware – The Kapoor’s roots are from Peshawar (now in Pakistan) from a Pathan-Hindu family. Ranbir Kapoor has been proudly vocal about this before and the actor has justified his love for meat by citing this fact.


Selfiee trailer : Akshay Kumar, Emraan Hashmi trailer gets appreciated

And now the role of Selfiee (the global obsession which at times can get dangerous and crazy enough).

Interestingly, the recently released trailer of Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi starrer ‘Selfiee’ – the Bollywood remake of the Malayalam hit Driving License - a story about the part and parcel of stardom and fandom got appreciated for its concept.

All said and done, Bollywood this week was all about mass pleasing (Pathaan), dramatic and intense (Selfiee) and the curious case of positivity winning over the negativity.

Pathaan was in news for all those ‘besharam’ reasons, SRK getting targeted for his religion etc by the boycott brigade and in the same way somewhere Ranbir Kapoor’s phone throwing gimmick to promote a mobile phone brand also played on the same psyche – getting noticed by negativity and then winning over with the pleasant un harmful positivity.

Ranbr Kapoor phone throwing gimmick interestingly highlighted the theme of Akshay Kumar, Emraan Hashmi starrer  Selfiee and the response to Pathaan - reaction of fans at one end for their star and a star at one end for his fan.


Pathaan's record breaking box office sucess and Bollywood revival

As far as Bollywood revival is concerned, a series of features will be required. At present, the joy of the ‘public’ by seeing their favorite star on screen is back, the stardom of Bollywood superstars still has that charm, the charisma of the Khan trinity if they come together can create wonders like the way Amitabh Bachchan starrers did co starring Vinod Khanna, Shashi Kapoor.

Till then enjoy, have fun, keep watching movies and continue to take ‘Selfiee’ with your stars.

Kyu ki Bollywood mein jaan abhi bhi baki hai mere dost…



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