Nadia Hakani impressing in Qatari style on Qatar National day @FIFA

Nadia Hakani impressing in Qatari style on Qatar National day @FIFA
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  • 31 Dec 2022 12:41
  • Filmi Ilmi
Dress the part- This is the first thing that anchors, emcees and professional presenters have to learn and it is something that should never be forgotten. It is always important when your are in any country to try and learn as much as possible about their tradition and culture and relate to it so you can connect and relate better to engage and entertain the audience. Nadia Hakani, anchor at FIFA world up 2022 fan zone, proved her mettle in the last 30 days in every aspect that is ever expected of an emcee or anchor.
And the icing on the cake was the special effort she put in to commemorate the Qatar national day on 18th December 2022. She surprised the audience and guests by dressing up in the Qatar colour for the last day of FIFA. Looking resplendent in maroon velvet outfit accented with gold, accessorized with perfect statement jewellery by Forum Parekh she looked perfect.
“I was in Qatar for 32 days and was on stage every day, and it was on 10th day I learnt what a momentous occasion 18th December is and then I got this idea.”She says. She researched about it more and talked to the local security people who had become her friends and tried to learn as much as about the culture. I took help of the organizers and my stylist to perfect the look. Her look was much appreciated by all present online and offline.

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