Akshay Oberoi : “open to challenging roles that allows expression and push the boundaries of Indian cinema”

Akshay Oberoi : “open to challenging roles that allows expression and push the boundaries of Indian cinema”

Akshay Oberoi : “open to challenging roles that allows expression and push the boundaries of Indian cinema”

In a free-wheeling conversation with actor Akshay Oberoi, Cineblues discovered quite interesting facts about the talented actor who is in a happy zone after ‘Fighter’ and Fatherhood.

With a dynamic presence in the world of Indian cinema, he is making headlines with his unwavering commitment to his craft and his willingness to take on challenging roles that push the boundaries of storytelling. Known for his versatility and dedication, Akshay is open to being typecast as long as the roles offered to him are integral to the story, even expressing a bold willingness to go nude if necessary, for a character.

He was recently seen in the second season of ‘Broken News’ that is streaming on ZEE5 OTT platform. Here are the excerpts from the discussion:


When I walk on the road, people have addressed me as Bashir Miyan

How’s life after ‘Fighter’?

After working for so many years it has happened that when I walk on the road, people have addressed me as Bashir Miyan (laughs) It feels great. I would say, it is one of the most transformative films of my career. I feel humbled. I really enjoyed working with Hrithik and Anil Sir. It was a fan boy moment, and a deep bond was forged. I saw ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’ when I was a child, and I was like,” Humaari aankhein same color ke hain!” (laughs). Hrithik will always have a special place in my heart.

You have a penchant for dark and complex characters. Like the one in ‘Gurgaon’, you exude a brooding intensity and menace. Similar attributes were observed in ‘High’, ‘Madam Chief Minister’, ‘Gaslight’ and ‘Pizza’. Do you really prefer these types of roles?

It’s funny to say this but in real life, I am very naive, innocent and have a very straightforward approach to life. So, when I read about these characters that I played, they left me wondering, “Kya yeh main hoon? “Kya main yeh part nibha sakta hoon!” There was always a self-doubt stinging me within. But I really love playing these grey-shaded and twisted characters, even though I am inherently positive and optimistic in life. They are exciting. I generally gravitate towards these types of roles which stretch the versatility of an actor.


An artist must be inspired constantly

In ‘Broken News’, you are playing a businessman, Ranjit. How would you describe him?

Ranjit Sabharwal aka Ronnie is suave, manipulative, and mysterious. He knows how to get his things done. He is smart and calculative. A staunch businessman. I have met many people coming from business background, and I have internally channelled all their traits to conjure my character of Ronnie.

Any role that you have played in the past comes close to it …

Coming to think of it, Akshay Jaitley of ‘Illegal’. I realized that Ronnie and Akshay (Jaitley) inhabited similar zones. Jaitley had a privileged background, a legacy and inheritance. Ronnie struggled to get all what he amassed, and he is a self-made man. At the end, “usko duniya daari maloom hai”.

There is always a stand-off between truth and sensationalism in the business of news and TRPs. Do you also stay conflicted with this idea?

You know, we live in a capitalistic world. Unfortunately, this is the life we have created for ourselves. And in the dichotomic world, there is either truth or lie. I always believe in telling the truth. I don’t lie about anything. I am honest about anything I do or preach. Even whenever I am out of the camera, I try to be truthful. When I see the world of news and the world of power, position, and paisa, it jolts me.

Akshay, what is your favourite genre of films?

I love psychological thrillers. It’s hard to direct and it’s hard to act in one. Having told that, I love the kind of cinema that Sriram Raghavan makes here in Hindi cinema.

Your most favourite character that you have played.

It must be Nikki Singh from the 2017 film ‘Gurgaon’. There was a lot of unspoken intensity that went alongside the character. Nikki hardly used dialogues to convey his grudges and angst.

Your Favourite pastime

Reading books, watching sports like Basketball or Cricket. But mostly, you would find me on a couch reading something if I am not hanging out with my wife or kid.

What do you prefer – clean shaven look or moustache or beard.

I like my beard (laughs)

Your inspiration in life.

Many people. In fact, I borrow something from the people I meet in my daily life. I seek inspiration from everywhere. Even you inspire me, as you have done a good amount of research on me as a journalist. My cook inspires me, they prepare my food without any complaining. An artist must be inspired constantly otherwise the creativity starts dying.

Akshay recently garnered acclaim for his portrayal of a Jet Fighter Pilot in Siddharth Anand's "Fighter," and his currently wining accolades for his portrayal in the latest season of ‘Broken News’.

Showcasing his versatility and range as an actor. His upcoming projects are a reflection to his commitment to diversity and excellence, that includes "Tu Chahiye," "Dil Hai Gray", "Two Zero One Four," "Illegal 3," "Varchasva," and more.

As Akshay Oberoi continues to captivate audiences with his compelling performances and bold choices, he remains committed to his craft and passionate about pushing the boundaries of Indian cinema.


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