Starcast of Hindi film Ramrajya promoted the film in Mumbai

Starcast of Hindi film Ramrajya promoted the film in Mumbai
Ramrajya is discussed for the most ideal governance in our country. Ram Rajya and Ayodhya have become even more relevant during Diwali. The trailer has been in the news since its release. The film talks about a big change in the society, how corruption, some people with political loaf in the name of religious fight forget important needs like education and health. Shobhita Rana, Salman Sheikh, Mushtaq Khan, Manoj Bakshi, Shashwat Prateek, producer Prabir Sinha and director Nitesh Rai were present at the press conference held in Mumbai.
On this occasion, producer Prabir Sinha said, "Our film Ramrajya does not follow any such trend. When this film was shot, there was no such thing in the country. There was no talk and also actors from all communities have acted in the film Ramrajya. When the audience will watch the film, they will come to know the true definition of Ram Rajya.
Director Nitesh Rai said that 'Looking at the trailer of the film, it is absolutely wrong to say that any community is in danger from the story of this film, due to increasing discrimination in the society, only humanity is threatened and our film keeps this point very firmly. Films deliver an important message through entertainment
Produced under the banner of Lee Helias Films, Ramrajya is produced by Prabir Sinha, the story of the film is written by Shivanand Sinha and the screenplay and dialogues are written by Mohan Prasad. The film is directed by Nitesh Rai. The film stars Amanpreet Singh, Shobhita Rana and Salman Sheikh in lead roles along with Govind Namdev, Rajesh Sharma, Mushtaq Khan, Manoj Bakshi, Sandeep Bhojak, Shashwat Prateek, Mukhtar Dekhani in important roles.

The film has been shot at various locations in Bokaro, Ranchi, Mumbai and Banaras. Ram Rajya will be screened in cinema houses across the country on 4th November.

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