Vikram Vedha Dialogues starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan

Vikram Vedha Dialogues starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan
Vikram Vedha trailer is finally out. Vikram Vedha looks exactly like what we really need in terms of a mass entertainer to pull back the audience in theatres. It is high on action sequences and some intense face-off scenes between Saif aka Vikram and Hrithik aka Vedha.
It also has impactful shots and absolutely powerful dialogues. While the trailer does not reveal much about the story, it maintains a mystery around the real nature of the two protagonists played by Hrithik and Saif. Produced by YNOT Studios, Friday Filmworks, T-Series Films, and Reliance Entertainment. 
The story is inspired by the Indian folklore characters of Vikram and Beetal from Baital Pachisi. Setting it up in a police-gangster world, the film will explore not the black and white side of things but rather the grey sides of the contrasting worlds.
The same Betaal put up morally ambiguous questions in front of King Vikramaditya same way Vedha, the antagonist gangster will put different moral questions in front of the morally upright police officer, Vikram. With a world full of gory violence and encounters, Vikram Vedha together will go on the quest of seeking out the truth.
Check out Vikram Vedha Dialogues below:

Hum aksar sochate hai ki her kahani ke sirf do hi sire hote hai acchai ya burai

kismat se fight maaroge na munna tabhi kismat tujhe sunegi

Pata hai hum her encounter ke baad chain ki nind ky sota hai kyki hum jaante hai haume kisi begunaah ko nahi maara

Aap aur hum ek jaise hai sir aur ek dusare ke wajah se hai. Sawal sahi galat ka hai line ke is tarah sahi hai line ke us taraf galat hai.

Ek kahani sunaye sir ? Game kya hai tumahara yehi to apko pata lagana hai sir

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