Aazam movie review: Brilliantly crafted, masterly edited, intensely performed, finest edge of a seat thriller in recent times

Aazam movie review: Brilliantly crafted, masterly edited, intensely performed, finest edge of a seat in recent times

Aazam movie review: Brilliantly crafted, masterly edited, intensely performed, finest edge of a seat thriller in recent times

What: Aazam – writer director and editor Shravan Tiwari has given a rare masterly crafted gangster crime whodunit starring Jimmy Sheirgill, Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta, Raza Murad, Sayaji Shinde and Govind Namdeo.

Aazam movie synopsis

Mumbai’s underworld mafia King Nawab (Raza Murad) is on bed and has very few days left. His son Kadar (Abhimanyu Singh) considers himself to be the successor of his father’s throne. Kadar’s trusted aide Javed (Jimmy Sheirgill) informs that there is a deadly conspiracy being hatched by his enemies that can be life threatening to all. Soon series of killings take place in the underworld that shocks, shook’s the crime world and the system.

DCP Ajay Joshi (Indraneil Sengupta) is investigating the murders but things are far more mysterious and different then what you see from the naked eyes.

A nonstop deadly edge of a seat game begins. Who is behind those mysterious deaths, who becomes the next mafia don?


Aazam movie review

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What happens when loyal disciples of Sir Alfred Hitchcok and Martin Scorsese meet, fall in love and get married. Answer – Aazam a rare gangster crime whodunit is born.

Writer director and editor Shravan Tiwari sharpens old school classic gangster crime drama elements with Hitchcockian murder-mystery tropes in a rare edge of seat crime thriller seen in recent times.

The masterly edited and brilliantly crafted Aazam is not just a nice and keenly assembled suspense thriller seen in recent times, it’s also a riveting crime thriller movie that has no foul language and nudity. Bloodshed is there but not at all gory.

Right from the opening scene shot in the night at a Mumbai beach, Aazam maintains its aura, feel, intensity and the guessing game till the credit ends. the dialouges deserve special mention.  

Writer-director, editor Shravan Tiwari have made couple of films earlier in Gujarati like The Advocate, The Last Don, 706 etc and I have not seen any of his films but after watching Aazam I can say that Shravan Tiwari has applied his ingenuity by shaping Aazam like a whodunit crime thriller mystery as the masters ordered. I may sound repetitive and strange but here we have a long time Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese fan who is not aping them like others do.

What is most striking about Shravan Tiwari’s Aazam is that in his tribute to those masters, he has displayed his knowledge of the genre and crafted his own original “perfect crime” movie and laced it an adrenaline rush.



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Jimmy Sheirgill as Javed is the intensity redefined. if you have seen the web series Your Honour and believed it to be exemplary, think again. Jimmy Shergill in Aazam is more nuanced and calculated. Incredible.

Abhimanyu Singh as Kadar is right into the skin of the character and is excellent.

Indraneil Sengupta as DCP Ajay Joshi plays the cop with shades of grey fabulously.

Raza Murad as Nawab is outstanding, the veteran’s command over his dialogue delivery remains exceptional and his voice still has that power.

Sanjeev Tyagi as PSI Ankit More does well as the helpless cop on duty.

Govind Namdev as Pratab Shetty is just brilliant.

Alok Pandey as Vishal who plays a very significant role shows his calibre as an actor and does proper justice to his role.

Sayaji Shinde as Madan Shikre is controlled and nuanced as the politician involved in the power game.

Good support comes from Ali Khan as Shakir Shaikh, Anang Desai as Firoz Namazi, Mushtaq Khan as Tatiya Vivek Ghamande as Annya, Inzmam as Murad and Sushant Jain as Azaz.



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Production values are up to the mark. Cameraman Ranjit Sahu does a splendid job especially in those night scenes. Masterly edited by Shravan Tiwari. Music by Natraj Dastidar moves with the flow.



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Completely intense, a touch of humour at couple of places may have eased the atmosphere. At a couple of places like the Kholi gang scene extra cinematic liberty has been taken.


Aazam final words

Aazam is highly recommended for its mystery twined with a classic gangster drama that has a rare energy, heart-in-your-throat pacing and some refined acting. No romance, no bad words, no skin show and not much blood and remember we are talking about a gangster crime drama story that happens in one fateful night. this must rank as one Hindi cinema’s finest if not the best crime drama movies seen in recent times as far as its editing, pace and mystery is concern.



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