Adipurush movie review: An epic blunder beyond repair, lifeless, soulless and insulting recreation of Ramayana

Adipurush movie review: An epic blunder beyond repair, lifeless, soulless and insulting recreation of Ramayana

Adipurush movie review: An epic blunder beyond repair, lifeless, soulless and insulting recreation of Ramayana

What: Adipurush – the six hundred crore recreation of Ramayana in 3D motion capture by Om Raut starring  Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh, Kriti Sanon and , Devdatta Nage is a blood boiling insult to the devotees of Lord Rama and a lesson on disastrous film making beyond repairs.

Adipurush movie synopsis

Based on Valmiki Ramayan, the movie after a quick recap of Janaki aka Maa Sita (Kriti Sanon) Swayamwar with Lord Ram to fourteen year vanvas, to Bharat milap, the movie cuts to Lankesh aka Ravana (Saif Ali Khan) getting the vardaan (boon) by Lord Brahma. Lankesh’s sister Shurpanakha’s proposal to Lord Ram for marriage and on her retaliation by Lord Ram’s refusal, her nose getting cut by Sesh aka Laxman (Sunny Singh). Lankesh replies in the same language by abducting Janaki aka Maa Sita but disguised as a Sadhu (Saint) and rest his how Lord Rama fights Ravana with the help of Sugreev, Lord Hanuman (Devdatta Nage).


Adipurush movie review

Every Indian, every human and every true Hindu demands an apology from director Om Raut and dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir. Posing yourself as devotee/ bhakth/follower of Lord Ram and indulging in such disregard is not at all accepted.

Adipurush is an example of hotchpotch filmmaking with no soul and connection. Ramayana - Indians are aware and are watching it since childhood beginning with those Ram Leela’s. The emotion that Shri Ram Katha carries is profound and people watch it again and again since ages on stage, television, big screen etc to recharge their love and bonding with their idol Prabhu Shri Ram, Maa Sita, Lord Hanuman etc.

The way Ramayan has been retold in Adiprush, it hurts the devotee and exhaust the others who have just come for watch a good inspiring motivational history recreated on screen.

Since the teaser launch Adipurush is under scanner for its pathetic and eerie representation of the characters that exposed the lack of research and respect in the makers.

The trailer gave some hope but the final trailer again derailed all the good feeling in people like me.

Now that I have seen the film, I can easily say that there has been zero research, effort from the makers to give us an enlightening experience in spite of having one of the greatest epic on hand and best of available resources on the another.

This is not filmmaking, it’s a planned fakery that wants to cash on the sentiments of an innocent Lord Ram bhakth, a Hindu and ride on the saffron wave to make hoopla at the box office.

But let me tell you, people are smart otherwise Ram Setu would have been a big hit.

The VFX is tacky, the green screen blunders get exposed and you can see the movement of frames like the arrows around Prabhas back seem to be moving when they are supposed to stand still.

The first half is somewhat bearable but the second half is a complete disaster. Its dark, gloomy and the way Lanka is created by Om Raut is unaccepted. But that’s not all Om Raut has surpassed Sanjay Leela Bhansali by miles over here in twisting facts from history.

There is an illusion scene during a fight with son of Ravan Indrajit aka Meghananda (Vatsal Seth) and that after a while looked like a scene from an average Bollywood action film. Disturbing to the hilt.

And dialogues, my God, Manoj Muntashir Shukla – all your gyan/wisdom on Hinduism, Indian culture failed to understand that word like ‘baap’ can never be used during those times and you people made Lord Hanuman – Bajrang Bali ( Devdatta Nage) say this when his tail is set on fire in Lanka. By repeating that line, I will add more salt and pepper to the wound.

What is CBFC chairman Prasoon Joshi doing when such Hindi is spoken in a epic like Ramayan?. Even a kid can point out the devaluation and sheer disrespect of our Hindi at this point.


Prabhas fails miserably in an opportunity of a life time to play Lord Rama.

Saif Ali Khan is menacing but why show him as demon most of the time. This is a very narrow-minded approach for commercial gains by Om Raut. Ravana is a scholar, and that aspect is not all exploited. Pity.

Sunny Singh is such a bad choice.

Kriti Sanon looks beautiful but she lacks the simplicity and divine aura that Maa Sita had.

Devdatta Nage as Lord Hanuman is also not impressive at all.

The music by Ajay Atul and Sachet–Parampara are purely function.

Adipurush – Final word

Adipurush is an example on how some filmmakers can go so low in cashing on the sentiments of innocent audience, Lord Ram devotes in making such a recreation of Ramayan. Ravana disguised himself as a sadhu and adducted Maa Sita. Ravana got his punishment. People like Om Raut and Manoj Muntashir disguise themselves as bhakths, followers and infuse dialogues like ‘tere baap ki’ ‘Lamba kardiya’ lanka laga deinge’ in their knowing/unknowing insult to an historic epic like Ramayan. The audience will respond accordingly. Watch Ramanad Sagar’s Ramayan or the animated movie Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama instead.


Rating : 1/5

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