An Action Hero movie review: An Action Packed Knock Out

An Action Hero movie review: An Action Packed Knock Out

An Action Hero movie review: An Action Packed Knock Out

What: An Action Hero – A career highlight underlined with bold for Ayushmann Khurrana and an auspiciously striking full fledge feature film debut for writer director Anirudh Iyer. An Action Hero is a deliciously humorous action entertainer that is bang on target booming with extraordinary performance and relevantly smart punches.

An Action Hero movie synopsis

Super star Manav Khuranna (Ayushmann Khurrana) – the action hero of the masses, while shooting in Haryana gets into an unwanted brawl with Vicky – brother of local gangster cum politician Bhoora (Jaideep Ahlawat) resulting in the accidental death of Vicky. Bhoora goes mad and wants a revenge, the super star Manav goes hiding and a game of interesting twist and quirks begins.


An Action Hero movie review: An Action Packed Knock Out

Take some quirky oddball elements that reminds of Coen Brothers mix it with the violent and pop culture of Quentin Tarantino/David Lynch shake it well with surprisingly wise Indian desi cool quirks, an outstanding pitch-black action comedy about action, reaction, heroism, nationalism, reality, fakery, faith, fate, perception, deception is ready.

Writer director Anirudh Iyer in his own unique story and smartly placed and paced screenplay by Neeraj Yadav separates this action packed dhamaka from those thousand generic cat and mouse action thrillers with its marvelously engaging and amazingly impish narration by Anirudh Iyer and skillful writing ny Neeraj Yadav that smartly juggles action with fact and fiction coined with relatively relevant humour.

The humour has depth and finds layers even in its OTT approach highlighting the maker’s ability to give a feel of a harmless and enjoyable parody in all those thuds, cuts, squash, boom action.

A uniquely satisfying and entertaining movie experience that caters for masses and classes, An Action Hero is a winner.


A career highlight for Ayushmann Khurrana and the actor in his transformation in a true blue massy action hero is a delight. Ayushmann Khurrana nails it and it’s a treat. Yes he does those action sequences wonderfully.

Jaideep Ahlawat as Bhoora is outstanding, his body language and intensity is unique.

Harsh Chaya as Roshan is perfect.

Mohan Joshi is fantastic.

Akshay Kumar in a cameo is funny

Malaika Arora in the item number "Aap Jaisa Koi" exudes oomph. Nora Fatehi in the item number "Jehda Nasha" charms


Dave Judge’s action is exciting to the core. Cinematography by Kaushal Shah is excellent. Editing by Ninad Khanolkar is fine. Background by Sunny M.R. is thrilling.


Tanishk Bagchi, Biddu, Parag Chhabra and Amar Jalal’s music is functional.


An original popular hit number would have done wonders. Some may find it weird. Yes, liberties are taken at will.

Final word

An Action Hero is a really smart, enjoyable, odd, pop corn action drama that surprisingly delivers its knockout punches from that smart witty dark humour and finds Ayushmann Khurrana writing a new chapter in his acting career while Anirudh Iyer makes a strikingly auspicious mark as a story teller.



Rating : 4/5

Director :
Actress :

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