Bekhudi movie review: Ek musical junoon

Bekhudi movie review: Ek musical junoon


Bekhudi movie review: Ek musical junoon

What: Adhyayan Suman improves as an actor in a this romantic musical thriller by Amit Kasaria

Bekhudi movie synopsis

Abhishek Oberoi urf Abby (Adhyayan Suman) a happy go lucky guy - son of aristocratic businessman rescues Sania (Angel) from the chauvinist rickshaw walas in Delhi. Sania behaves strangely, Abby feels ignored. After a few chance encounters, Abby and Sania come close and when things are about to end happily, a past creates havoc in the life Abby and Sania becomes a never ending mystery.

Bekhudi movie review

A 90’s inspired musical thriller heavily influenced by the Bhatt’s, Suri’s and Abbas Mastan style of cinema. 

Amit Kasaria is a hard working student and he succeeds to a good extent.

Amit Kasaria as a director is able to create an atmosphere but has to work more on finesse and depth in the given layers.

After a shaky start the movie gains momentum and develops interest.

The core subject of a kind hearted rich guy falling for a small town smart girl. The girl due to her dark past creates tension and suspicion in the life of her lover who then goes crazy and violent had good potential for a mainstream romantic thriller.

For the audience which doesn’t come with any expectations it’s fine.

Looking at the crowd pleasing potential of the plot and the innocence and vulnerability of the prime characters Abby and Sania this could have been shaped into a smart psychological thriller but anyways.

Performence and Final Words



Adhyayan Suman shows lives the character and has improved considerably. Still for me his performance in Prakash Jha’s Asharam series as Tinka Singh will remain a fab highlight of his career for his entire life.

The female lead Angel is a disappointment unfortunately. She needs to gain more confidence.

Other actors like Rohit (Dev Sharma) and Sahil (Anurag Sharma) are good. Yuri Suri and Divya Seth as Abby’s parents are competent. Neha (Gulki Joshi) as Sania’s beastie is impressive.

Music by Amit Kasaria, Rahul Nair and Mishra Swaransh    is fantastic and pleasing to the ear.

Final words

Bekhudi the romantic musical thriller by Amit Kasaria could have been a good dark psychological musical. It lacks novelty and the wind up is very pale.

Still, it’s passable for those who don’t expect much. The performance and music are the highlight.



Rating : 2.5/5

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