Ganapath movie review: Tiger Shroff is terrific in this ambitious apocalyptic action adventure.

Ganapath movie review: Tiger Shroff is terrific in this ambitious apocalyptic action adventure.

Ganapath movie review: Tiger Shroff is terrific in this ambitious apocalyptic action adventure.

What: Ganapath – is a rare, ambitious epic apocalyptic action drama by Vikas Bahl which is trying to make a point and sees Tiger Shroff in terrific form.

Ganapath movie synopsis

Set in a futuristic world post a devastating world war, Ganapath is a fictional action adventure that starts with a voice over by Dalapati (Amitabh Bachchan), an aged Maharishi. Dalapati shares what happened after a devastating world war that led to huge loss and destruction around the earth that created a danger of survival for humanity. The rich and selfish made a huge dent and created a divide. The helpless poor got thrown away from their luxurious, Hi fi Silver City. While the rich lived with all the luxury and latest technology, the poor were left toiling for survival and struggling endlessly working as slaves to make their basic ends meet.

Hunger and frustration amongst the poor lead to constant quarrels between themselves. Dalapati creates a ring and asks his people to fight in the ring. The fights became a spectacle and people started watching it which results in some peace and equality.

But Dalini (The Kingpin of Silver City) sends his best man John English to the poor people’s ring and he takes all the fighters to his high-profile betting ring.

Dalapati announces that one day a fighter called Ganapath will arrive and give them hope and bring their good times again.


Ganapath movie review

Vikash Bahl tries different genres and is not a typecast filmmaker who has a fetish for a certain genre. Chillar Party, Queen, Super 30, Goodbye and now Ganapath.  Yes, he has faltered badly in Shaandaar.

The best thing about Ganapath is the vision that has the undercurrent of economic divide – the rich and the poor which has been exploited plenty of times around the world.  

International masters like national Masters like Bong Joon-ho create Oscar award winners like Parasite on the rich poor divide. Indian legends like Chetan Anand created milestones like Neecha Nagar and Bimal Roy created Do Bhiga Zameen.

In a commercial cinema having the favourite action star Tiger Shroff either you can have a social drama were Tiger bashes goons, the bad guys or do something else.

Ganapath is that something else, not your routine good guy v/s bad guy drama. It’s an ambitious film mounted on a huge budget with terrific raw and rhythmic action and a message.

The problem with Ganapath is the VFX which is poor and not at par with the subject. Other wise this could have been a solid Indian action super power avatar.

The climax has a twist and its not over yet as we have the next part coming probably in the next year soon.

The VFX of Silver City is strictly okay while the basti of the poor is unfortunately designed poorly which obstructs the connection with the aam aadmi.

However, the interesting twists and terrific action saves the day for this ambitious film. And of course the action is stunning.

And yes, the chemistry between Tiger and Kriti is striking.



Tiger Shroff steals the show, he proves it again why he is the favourite action hero of the masses. This time Tiger is terrific, in top gear and surprises with his grey shades. Outstanding. And yes, that tribute to his idol Bruce Lee. Loved it.

Kriti Sanon is fabulous in her kickass action avatar and the actress give a mind-blowing action scene sequence when she performs with the nan – chaku.

Rehman as Shiva is very good.

Ziad Bakri as John English is fantastic.

Amitabh Bachchan makes his presence felt.

Elli AvrRam makes her presence felt.

Good support comes from Jameel Khan, Girish Kulkarni, Shruthy Menon and Rob Horrocks

Final words

Ganapath is an action adventure with a difference were Tiger is in top gear and Kriti Sanon is kickass.


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Rating : 3.5/5

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