Operation Romeo movie review: Sharad Kelkar shines as a menacing villain

Operation Romeo movie review: Sharad Kelkar shines as a menacing villain

What: Operation Romeo movie review - Sharad Kelkar shines as a menacing villain in this revenge drama.

Operation Romeo movie review

As long as filmmakers will cast women as shrinking violets and portray them as helpless and ‘ghar ki izzat’, there will be men who will be forced to ‘avenge’ their honour. The trouble with Bollywood is that their idea of a strong woman is ‘Mardaani’. A woman who rolls up her sleeves and beats up men. There has to be a middle ground somewhere. And this movie tries it, but only at the end and that feels like a gimmick.

So here is the story: A young couple in love, with no privacy from prying eyes anywhere, parks in a quiet spot late at night and are accosted by two cops. They ask the question: what are you two doing out here so late at night and in the back seat?


The young couple have no answer. The cops practically get the young lad (Sidhant Gupta to beg and plead and cry while the girl sits terrorised and in tears in the back seat).

While Sharad Kelkar plays the good cop, the Marathi actor Kishor Kadam plays the bad cop and the duo rob the young couple.

After spending a horrible night with these two offensive cops, the young boy and the girl (debut film for Vedika Pinto) return home quietly. He drops her off at the girl’s hostel and comes back home. He is doubly burdened with the question his girlfriend has asked: How can you even call yourself a man.

That question plagues him and haunts him and he is forced to return to the scene of the crime when he discovers that they were terrorised by conmen. His revenge is awesome. And Bhumika Chawla is now the victim. All because this young man is plagued by the question: What did the bad guy do to his girl in his car that night?

Bhumika Chawla looks so gorgeous like she has just debuted in this film. Age hasn’t touched her at all! And she performs so well, you know why she gets angry when she realises that the young man has gone through the same torture…

It is the twist in the end that I have a problem with. The girl called his mardaangi out. Bole toh, revenge lo.

When he extracts his revenge and tells her ki dekho, revenge liya, she says ki if something more drastic had happened to me, would you accept me?


Final words

I am amazed at how privileged she sounds. He went through the same torture as she did. While she sat in the car crying, he did the pleading and the requesting and the bribing. He gets mad enough to go out there and get that revenge, only to find that the girl wants more from him. All he wanted in the first place was just a kiss. She kisses his hand, and his cheek, but not the mouth. Why? Because she’s being coy. She also plays him by teasing him about the rose, then tells him to get revenge, and in the end… It’s an easy life for a pretty girl in the movies. While boys have to turn into monsters to save the girl. As Kishor Kadam says, ‘Bahut na insaafi hai!’


Rating : 2.5/5

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