Thank You For Coming review: Khud-khushi nahi, khudkushi hai yeh film!

Thank You For Coming review: Khud-khushi nahi, khudkushi hai yeh film!

Thank You For Coming review: Khud-khushi nahi, khudkushi hai yeh film!

What: Anil Kapoor’s cameo and Shehnaaz Gill make this sorry tale worthwhile

Thank You For Coming movie review

Remember the drunk Dharmendra scene from Sholay? How he climbs on top of the water tank and yells, ‘Gaon Walo!’, remember? Watching this film was exactly like what Veeru was threatening to do if he couldn’t marry Basanti: Suicide!

Bhumi Pednekar is like a drunk Veeru who announces loudly to everyone that she is thirty years old and has never ever experienced what the French call ‘little death’.

Whoever thought this was funny and worth two hours of the audience’s time?!

Swara Bhasker’s self-pleasuring scene from Veere Di Wedding showed up in 2015. The same goes for Kiara Advani’s device mishap in Lust Stories 1. It was one scene.

Veere also had four women, grown up women, who seemed to be obsessed with ‘charam sukh’ because one of them had never… I mean kuch toh naya socho! In Lust Stories 1, Karan Johar’s tale about a remote-control device was so much fun because the mother in law pressing the buttons increased the intensity of comedy you see, it’s more fun when the audience is part of the secret, and the other characters on screen don’t know why Megha has just ‘lost it’ instead of tending to her hurt patidev! Here, it’s hard to have any empathy from a character who does nothing but complain that she has kissed many frogs, but not one turned into a prince.

And puh-lees don’t tell me this is meant for the other India (that is not Bombay), because Dev-D has shown us that girls from the villages carry mattresses for comfort in the sarson ke khet…

What was most unbelievable was these women are 30-year olds. It was hilarious when Netflix’s teenage comedy appropriately called Sex Education showed us how teenagers went through this angst. But 30-year olds? Shudder.  A thirty-year-old wanting to ne plus ultra and complaining loudly about it was not funny at all. In fact, it made me worry: zameen par laet toh gayi thee, kaheen haath pair na patakne lage like a five-year-old throwing a tantrum, “I want candy now!’

And just like the Laurie Nunn show, here too the mum is a doc. Gillian Anderson was a treat to watch. Here, just a mom who insists she’s a ‘Ms.’ not a ‘Mrs.’ Madonna sang ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ like, a hundred years ago…

And what does this 30-year-old do? She’s a food blogger. I mean, really?! In the food blogging world, that’s a dinosaur.

See, had the film been a little less about the Kunika’s (Bhumi Pednekar) never-ending pursuit of charam sukh and more about friendship where they share everything (the camaraderie in Veere was so much better), it would have been fun. Even if we had to see Kunika kiss a thousand frogs we wouldn’t mind it, but the film has just terrible stereotypes: Jeevan Anand is rich man, but as interesting as a doorknob; his sister is large, so she must be shown eating in every scene; a self-absorbed boyfriend (Karan Kundrra), a gay lad (Sushant Divgikar),  Kunika’s grandmother lives with the daughter, but will call her ‘unmarried mother’, and yes, the boys who harassed Kunika at school are now balding ‘uncle’s.

Just watch Sex Education on Netflix (even the fourth season is funny and heart-warmingly sexy). Even the songs are dull as ditch water, except Rahul’s rendition of ‘Pari Hoon Main’ superb. Imagine wanting to hear a Baadshah remix at the Punjabi roka party!


Thank You For Coming Final words

Thank You For Coming Final words

The only awesome part of this orgasm search party was Anil Kapoor. His character who seduces women by saying ‘Gulzar is my friend’ needs a movie of his own. And not just yours truly, but everyone around me was hoping it was the effortlessly effervescent Shehnaaz Gill who plays ‘Rushi’ (all of us heard ‘Khushi’ because she claims she is ‘happiness’) who actually gave Kunika her ‘happy ending’.

In the end we emerged from the theatre feeling as bruised and battered as if we had all been in the same car Kunika wrecked. As Veeru said in Sholay, ‘Suicide!’



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