The Vaccine War Review: The great Indian triumph in medical history is a must for every Indian, every human

The Vaccine War Review: The great Indian triumph in medical history is a must for every India, every human

The Vaccine War Review: The great Indian triumph in medical history is a must for every Indian, every human

What: The Vaccine War – Vivek Agnihotri’s next after the powerfully infuriating The Kashmir Files, is a testimony of the great Indian triumph – Covaxin by ICMR that deserves essential viewing for every Indian and every Human round the globe.

The Vaccine War synopsis

Based on the 2021 memoir of former Indian Council of Medical Research Director-General Balram Bhargava, Going Viral: Making of Covaxin. Nana Patekar plays Bhargava the former Director General of ICMR. A no nonsense General who believes in results and words like Thank You, please are very rare in his vocabulary. The team of Balram Bhargava consists of Priya Abraham (Pallavi Joshi), Nivedita Gupta (Girija Oak) and Pragya Yadav (Nivedita Bhattacharya).

Rest is how ICMR with these brave hearts women scientists work together to create Indian history in the world of pharma industry.


The Vaccine War movie Review

Vivek Agnihotri targets the international pharma giants and the leftist anti-government media both in one go.

The Vaccine War is made as a medical/bio chemical/thriller which has a message about the capitalist big pharma giants and their monopoly over patent drugs and attitude towards the third world and developing countries like India. I wanted the message against the pharma giant louder than the lesson to the media persons like Rohini Singh Dhulia (Raima Sen).

Am not saying that media persons like Rohini Singh Dhulia should not be exposed but more important was our hero – Covaxin and not the villain leftist media.

When I saw the brilliant documentary on HIV – Fire In The Blood by Dylan Mohan Gray, I was blown away by the facts and actual footages that exposed the giant capitalist Pharmaceuticals and the mentality of the developed West nations.

I wanted to see actual reactions from the countries who have been benefited by India’s Covaxin. A press conference that lists the proud achievements of ICMR was not the level upliftment I was looking for.

Covid 19 has affected the nation, all supporters non supporters, Vivek Agnihotri has given the statement and taken a stand in that one scene when the boss of Raima says I am against the government not against the nation.

Vivek Agnihotri in his over enthusiasm to prove a point to the leftist media unnecessarily gives the character of Raima Sen importance equal to Covid.

The chemical war theory, the nexus between the big phrama companies and the West, the toothless WHO - a bit more elaborations was needed.

Yes, The Vaccine War is not a documentary it’s a mainstream feature film but the war should have been wider and deeper.

Vivek Agnihotri scores points in the technical/scientific facts he brings out during the vaccine making process and the overwhelming women empowerment does the trick.

The dramatization of the vaccine production process hits the rights core, the understanding followed by isolation and then the solution.

The Vanraj Bhatia’s adaptation of the Rigveda used in the serial ‘Bharat Ek Khoj’ is a good choice but the background of human gasping for breath depicting the covid 19 samples is weirdly eerie.

The images of the real heroes during the end will make your heart bolt with pride for our great Indian brave heart scientist.


Nana Patekar excels and in the climax he is astonishing.    

Pallavi Joshi is very good.

Raima Sen is outstanding and is an example of perfect casting. 

Nivedita Bhattacharya leaves here mark.

Sapthami Gowda is fabulous.

Anupam Kher is very natural.

Girija Oak makes her presence felt.

Yagya Turlapathi is fine.

Final words

All said and done, The Vaccine War is essential for every Indian and every human round the globe. Am going with a deserving four stars (an extra earned for its subject matter which deserves a dekho by all keeping your personal/political ideologies aside).




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