Aamir Khan made Ruhee Dosani's dream come true. Here's how!

Aamir Khan made Ruhee Dosani's dream come true. Here's how
Social media influencer Ruhee Dosani may have fans across the globe glued to her pages but the lovely Ruhee also happens to be the biggest fan of superstar Aamir Khan, who she is greatly inspired by. It was only recently that Ruhee Dosani's dream came true as she was invited with her family to celebrate Baisakhi at superstar Aamir Khan’s residence.
Ruhee travelled all the way from Canada to celebrate the solar new year and the harvest festival with her family. She also reached out to Aamir Khan asking if he would celebrate the festival with her. Little did she know that the superstar not just agree but invite her along with her family to his home! Ruhee and her family's excitement knew no bounds. They were overwhelmed with Aamir's gesture.
They did accept the invitation and reached Aamir's home on Baisakhi and were welcomed by Aamir's family.
The Baisakhi celebrations took place with great pomp and grandeur including festive delicacies, song and dance amid laughter and cheer! Both families had a wonderful time celebrating the festival on the auspicious occasion day. Check out the video for a glimpse of all that happened.

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