Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra: teaser is out

Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra: teaser is out

Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra is a film directed by young filmmaker M.K. Shivaksh. The film will bring the truth to the big screen.

In Bollywood, there has been a trend of making films based on real-life incidents and stories, which were previously untouched by filmmakers. Films like "Kashmir File," the recent release The Kerala Story, and others have bravely portrayed true events and have been appreciated by audiences.

Now, even young director M.K. Shivaksh is making a film based on such a true incident that has changed the political landscape of the country in the last two decades. Producer B.J. Purohit's film, "Accident or Conspiracy Godhra," will depict the background of the Godhra riots.

The announcement teaser of the film is being launched today, and the special thing about it is that the film is not based on any fiction or propaganda. Instead, it is based on the report issued by the Nanavati Commission, which was formed to investigate the Godhra incident. The producers want to convey what the truth was. Was there any back story to the train burning incident in Godhra? Did some people intentionally set the train on fire in a moment of frenzy, or was it a pre-planned conspiracy?

Produced under the banner of Om Trinetra Films and Artverse Studios, "Accident or Conspiracy Godhra" explores the various aspects of this incident. Producer B.J. Purohit explains, "People know the Godhra incident as a consequence of the 2002 Hindu-Muslim riots, but why do they consider the post-Godhra events as pre-Godhra? What is the reality that has been suppressed beneath the Gujarat riots? What kind of mentality is involved in distorting the truth behind the Godhra incident or presenting it as an accident or an immediate conflict? Why were the emotions of the 59 people who died in this incident not given a voice in public consciousness? This film sheds light on the planned conspiracy behind the incident that occurred on 27th February 2002 at the Godhra station. It considers every aspect of this event through the lens of the Nanavati-Shah Mehta Commission's investigation. The facts and information that emerged during the commission's inquiry are presented to the audience through cinema."


The film also explains that the Godhra incident was carried out to provoke Hindus and respond to other acts of sedition. It reveals how the incident has been manipulated and sensationalized by the internet and media.

Director M.K. Shivaksh says, "We have been working on 'Accident or Conspiracy Godhra' for the past five years. I want to emphasize that the film is the result of extensive research during these years. It would be incorrect to say whether the plan for the train attack was pre-determined or not, but the film uncovers the answers to these questions. It takes the research to the university level and then presents the information related to the Godhra incident through the filter of my perspective. This film is 'Godhra 2002: Accident or Conspiracy.'"


Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra: teaser

Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra: teaser

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