Draupadi: First look motion poster of Ram Kamal’s extravaganza creates waves in Hollywood!

Draupadi: First look motion poster of Ram Kamal’s extravaganza creates waves in Hollywood!

Draupadi: First look motion poster of Ram Kamal’s extravaganza creates waves in Hollywood!

The 1st Look motion poster of DRAUPADI, starring Rukmini Maitra in the lead is out!

From the look and theme of this motion poster directed by Ram Kamal, promises to be a grand visual extravaganza of the retelling of one of the most controversial incidents in the Mahabharat, from the perspective of Draupadi with contemporary relevance, based on Padmabhusan winner Smt Pratibha Ray's novel YAJNASENI.

Being a woman, did I not have the right even over myself, my own soul? If they had rights over this body of mine, did it mean they could do as they wished with me? - Pratibha Ray in 'Yajnaseni'.

The 1st look motion poster has an intriguing theme which has received a lot of interest and praise from the studio bigwigs in Bollywood, who have personally messaged the director. The biggest publication VARIETY, considered as the voice of Hollywood has taken notice and featured it prominently in their latest issue. This highlights the fact that Hollywood attention is increasingly being drawn to Indian content with local ethos and popular motifs.

When questioned about the idea behind the theme of Draupadi 1st look motion poster and the attention it has achieved, an ecstatic Ram Kamal opined “ It gives me the greatest satisfaction and I am thankful to my producers Dev and Prateek for standing by my vision once again, this time on a much larger scale.

He adds “The motion poster is designed by Ekta Bhattacharjee from Ekta Tales with background score composed by Sourendro and Soumyojit. The theme implies that Draupadi was born out of fire, so the Havan represents this aspect, with the lion about her vow to take blood bath with Durshashan's blood after she was humiliated by the Kauravas. The throne represents the symbol of Draupadi being the Princess and later Queen of Pandavas, whilst the bow with five arrow symbolizes that though she was one (bow) she had to marry five men (Yudhistir, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev) in Mahabharata.

Bengal's leading actress Rukmini Maitra who plays the title role says, "It's pleasure to reunite with Ram Kamal after Binodiini Ekti Natir Upakhyan, because he makes me feel comfortable in characters that are extremely challenging to portray on screen. It's an honour to be a part of Mahabharata, a subject that is so close to every Indian.


Dev Entertainment Ventures and Pramod Films once again collaborates to bring in the magical tale of Mahabharata on big screen. Produced by Bengal's superstar Dev Adhikari and Prateek Chakravorty from Mumbai, the film promises to be Bengal's biggest visual extravaganza


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