Esha Gupta Completes Ten Years In The Industry, Says She Is "Grateful

Esha Gupta Completes Ten Years In The Industry, Says She Is "Grateful
Talk talent with super good looks, and we have with us, Esha Gupta! Hailed as the leading sensation in the industry, she has been the force behind many memorable and outstanding characters over the years. As the actress completes ten years in the business, we can't help but look back at her phenomenal journey.
Be it Jhanvi Tomar of Jannat 2 or Sanjana Krishna of Raaz 3D, or Priti Makhija of Rustom - Esha Gupta has always taken the stage to leave an indelible mark on the audience. Today, exactly ten years ago, the versatile actress embarked on her acting journey and gave the year's biggest hit with Jannat 2. While celebrating the feat, Esha Gupta said, "It's surreal and still feels unreal.
Sometimes, I still cannot believe that I'm such a lucky girl to be an actor in the Indian film industry. God truly works in mysterious ways, and the universe has so much in abundance for all of us.
A girl from nowhere, making it to the big screen, and people knowing my name! I cannot be more grateful and thankful for you to be who I am and for the love, I've earned from the audience and the industry.
There is not a thing I would change in my life, some are achievements, and some are lessons." Meanwhile, Esha Gupta has a busy 2022 with multiple projects on the horizon. The sensational beauty has Aashram next season and Invisible Woman in the pipeline.

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