Filmmaker Ram Kamal releases first look of Vinay Pathak and Anupriya Goenka's Hindi film Talluq

Filmmaker Ram Kamal releases first look of Vinay Pathak and Anupriya Goenka's Hindi film Talluq
Prerna V Arora presents this unusual love story directed by Sritama Dutta.
Filmmaker Ram Kamal Mukherjee announced the first look of his forthcoming Hindi "mini" film Talluq featuring Vinay Pathak and Anupriya Goenka. The film is directed by Sritama Dutta and has been shot by Ashwin Pakhrot. Produced under the banner of Assorted Motion Pictures and Homi Jimmy Talati, the film will be making its international rounds in 2022 at film festivals.
Ram Kamal Mukherjee met Sritama Dutta after watching her debut film Shatika, and decided to collaborate with her. When Sritama narrated the story of Talluq, he immediately agreed to make this film. "I loved the way Sritama made her first film and I was sure about her narrative skill. Talluq is an extremely heart touching subject that speaks about unspoken relationships we all have in our lives. Vinay Pathak being a veteran artist delved deep into the character of Pritish and brought out nuances that will stay with you. Anupriya as Ayat walks in like an unread poetry that seeks an audience. This is one of her finest till date"" says creator Ram Kamal.
Talking about the experience actor Vinay Pathak says“Talluq is a wonderful effort to tell a story of a unique quality by Sritama. It’s the first of its kind that I’ve been a part of. Working with Sritama and Anupriya (my co-contributor in the film) have been a very special experience. It’s a special film for all of us , and we sincerely hope and wish that it becomes as special for anyone who watches it as well.”
Anupriya Goenka says, “ So talluq is a very special film for me. I have always admired Sri’s writing and this one was no different.. it talks about the complexities and simplicities that lie within relationships and finally how each one boils down to the trust and love we have for each of the bonds in our hearts.. it will make your heart wince in pain and yet feel warm and comforted in knowing love exists beyond years and distance and the usual societal bindings.”
Talking about her experience working with an experienced team writer and director Sritama Dutta says, " Talluq is all about valuing relationships. From birth till death, we only get to spend few moments with our loved ones. Live all those moments, make memories and celebrate them. Because you don’t wanna regret later."
Prerna V Arora on behalf of Bay Films says, "I have seen Ram Kamal's body of work and wanted to associate with him. When I watched Talluq, I felt that this is a beautifully shot cinema with poetic nuances." The film is also produced by Kusum Arrora and Pankaj Chauhan.
Producer Aritra Das and Sarbani Mukherjee from Assorted Motion Pictures says, "We have set a certain benchmark with our production and content in the past. From Cakewalk to Shubho Bijoya we have made films of different genre. Sritama knows her skill and she takes us through the journey lyrically. We are glad that Vinay sir and Anupriya agreed to work on this film, and give it a different dimension with their presence."
The film has been edited by Rajesh Pandey of Padmavat fame and music has been composed by Soumyarit Nag. The film also marks debut of Bengali television actress Priyanka Bhattacharya.

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