Love All : KK Menon led heart wrenching bilingual sports drama, trailer, synopsis and release date

Love All : KK Menon led heart wrenching bilingual sports drama, trailer, synopsis and release date

Love All : KK Menon led heart wrenching bilingual sports drama, trailer, synopsis and release date

Nothing beats monsoon blues like a heart-wrenching drama that immerses you in its world while taking you on a fun ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Sudhanshu Sharma’s Love All, with its endearing father-son relationship, in the package of an exhilarating badminton showdown; checks both boxes and is all set to hit cinemas on the 25th of August, 2023.

Presented by Mahesh Bhatt, Anand Pandit, and Pullela Gopichand, co-produced by Dilipsoni Jaiswal, Rahul V.Dubey, and Sanjay Singh; and distributed by M. Ramesh’s Lakshmi Ganapathy Films, Love All is set to release Releasing in 7 Indian languages Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, and Oriya with seven foreign languages with subtitles in Malaysian, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian and French.

Alongside starring Kay Kay Menon in the lead, Love All features a stellar ensemble with Swastika Mukherjee, Sriswara, Sumit Arora, Ark Jain, Deep Rambhiya, Atul Srivastava, Robin Das, Alam, and Majel Vyas in well-defined roles that bring the captivating realm of badminton to life.

To find the right mix of talent, the production team of Love-All undertook a nationwide search for shuttlers. Auditions during All India Junior and Sub-Junior level tournaments, got them to shortlist approximately 300 players, followed by months of exhaustive coaching and training to help players perform on screen with the same exuberance that they exhibit on court. This was done, of course, to ensure that every on-court movement, every shuttlecock hit, and every sweat-soaked moment on screen is as genuine as the sport itself.

Kay Kay Menon’s words, ‘A sports film should be about the sport. While a single winner may take home the trophy, it is the bitter-sweet experience that we cherish in our hearts forever. The story of Love-All is a tribute to both the sport and the sportsperson in the truest form,’ perfectly capturing the film’s pioneering commitment to authenticity.

The sport has been wonderfully captured by director Sushanshu Sharma and DOP Jaywant Raut Murlidhar who employ multiple camera angles, slow-motion shots, and camera operators from professional sports to give the film its realistic lens. Their dedication to accurately portraying the essence of the game, not only won the heart of legendary badminton player P. Gopichand, but also garnered substantial support from Brand Yonex, Badminton Association of India, and Badminton Gurukul.

Love-All's heart-warming story unfolds against the backdrop of the picturesque lake city of Bhopal. The film's emotional timbre and relatable themes were appreciated by legendary director Mahesh Bhatt, and in his own words, ‘When a story emerges from its own soil, involves its own common people, and talks about their dreams and struggles, it surprisingly resonates with everyone, no matter to which city or country he or she belongs to.’


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At its heart, "Love-All" encapsulates the universal theme of love and family, painting a picture of shared dreams, unspoken emotions, and the unyielding support that fuels each step in the making of a sports legend; all while immaculately illustrating the resilience of the human spirit.


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