Mumbai throngs Nisha Jamvwal’s Art Fiesta ‘Meanderings’ by Lata Balakrishna

Mumbai throngs Nisha JamVwal’s Art Fiesta  ‘Meanderings’ by Lata Balakrishna
Nisha JamVwal, celebrity columnist, art curator, interior architect and social activist presented Meanderings by Lata Balakrishna, a Modern contemporary Indian artist whose oeuvre JamVwal showcased at the Taj Mahal Hotel Art Gallery that has also exhibited works by the legendary MF Husain and FN Souza.
The five day art fiesta pulled off by Nisha JamVwal was easily the most talked-about extravaganza of this year post-Covid. Famous Art collectors, Art Aficionados, Consul Generals, Authors, Top Police commissioners, Bureaucrats, CEOs from the corporate world, actors, singers, models, fashion designers all friends of Nisha JamVwal thronged the show  that opened with a grand dinner at Recca Kala Ghoda followed by four champagne cocktails back to back at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Gateway of India.
Guests were enthralled by the textured whites and vibrancy in clouds and waters that take us at once into a minds search for the meaning of life.  
Nisha JamVwal looking stunning in a Marium Akbar Khan gold gown took guests on walking tours each day speaking about the works in the show ‘Meanderings’ telling friends  about Her interpretation of the art.
The Glitterati included ……… author Ashwin Sanghi, Maestro Anup Jalota, Maestro Roop Kumar Rathod, Japanese Consul General Dr Fukahori Yasukata, Kobbi Shoshani Israel Consul General, Consul General Turkey Tolga Kaya, actors Sara Khan, Tanaaz Irani, Luke Kenny, Designers Pallavi Jaikishan, Eshaa Amin, Amy Billimoria and Roshni and Parvez Damania, Shashi Bansal,  Malti Jain, Nidarshana Govani among many others.
Says JamVwal “Lata invited me to see her work as many artists do all over the world with the desire that I host a solo show for them. I went without expecting much as I almost always do. It would be an understatement to say that I was moved by what I interpreted as canvases that speak of a  woman achiever thirsting to explore a world outside her  life of  responsibilities breaking free from the regimented routine hurdles and monotonous repetitive mundane”
The chiaroscuro of shadow and sunshine, the showers of colour in meandering waters drew me into her world, where the title ‘meandering’ came to me not only because of a travel junkie thirsting to explore a world outside her childhood in Jalandar, but I saw her art as journey into her own mind.
Women all over the world face challenges multitasking home and work, ever the champions who go through life traipsing over challenging hurdles  that life poses. Often employed at work outside and running a home simultaneously bearing babies and rearing them, caring and managing the family needs- the story is deeply etched in the Indian scenario and culture of joint families arranged matrimony and the ensuing characteristics of all this in the predominantly male chauvinistic society that is India.

I am lost in a kaleidoscope of emotions that play out using symbolic metaphor as tools of expression seeking more from life”

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