Pankaj Kapur starrer Toba Tek Singh to Premiere on Indian Television

Pankaj Kapur starrer Toba Tek Singh to Premiere on Indian Television
Paying tribute to 75 glorious years of Independence, Zindagi is all set to celebrate love and freedom as it takes its audience on an emotional journey with the Indian Television premiere of Toba Tek Singh. Toba Tek Singh is a window into the post partition world and how the division of borders changed lives of people with a blink of an eye. Inspired by the poignant story written by Saadat Hasan Manto, the film captures the pain and loss brought by partition on people irrespective of who they were, where they were from or what mental state of mind they were in. The film is set to premiere on Zindagi’s DTH platforms Tata Play, Dish TV and D2H on 14th August at 8 pm awakening the deepest emotions of the viewers.
Set against the background of India-Pakistan partition, the movie revolves around the life of Bishan Singh’s journey from sanity to a mental asylum that began from his village Toba Tek Singh. The film showcases the chaos and agony Bishan Singh and fellow patients from the asylum go through when they have to leave the only place they know and call home. It is a story of displacement and insanity that shook humanity.
Talking about his experience working on the film, Pankaj Kapoor said, "Toba Tek Singh is one of the most outstanding pieces of writing on partition. I think Saadat Hasan Manto has done his bit by writing this brilliant story and I must congratulate Director Ketan Mehta and Zee (Zindagi) for bringing this film to the audiences. Additionally, the television premiere will help the film to cater to a wider range of audiences. Personally, Toba Tek Singh brought all of us together and I feel a strong connection with the film and its storyline"
Ketan Mehta adds, “Toba Tek Singh has been one of my favourite stories since my college days. It raises fundamental issues about humanity and the idea of freedom. Toba Tek Singh is an absurd story where situations are quiet extreme, crazy, funny and tragic. Shooting the film was quiet a creative process and every scene was very challenging. It was a wonderful experience to work with so many talented people. The 75th Independence Day makes for a very apt occasion for the television premier of the film.”
Talking about the film, actor Vinay Pathak said, “Being a part of Ketan’s interpretation of Toba Tek Singh and playing the role of the celebrated writer Saadat Hasan Manto has been a great honor.  It was Ketan’s conviction that I was able to comprehend many layers of the character, and tell the story with his cinematic vision. Both Ketan and I admire Manto’s work, and we read a few other stories of the celebrated writer together to understand his world. Pankaj ji was a joy to work with and was very interesting to watch on the set as he unfolds his craft as an actor.  The film conveys a heart-wrenching story of people affected by the partition. There are people who even to this day have to suffer consequences of the partition that happened many years ago.”
Don’t forget to tune in to 154 to watch it on Tata Play, and 117 on Dish TV and D2H on August 14, 2022 at 8 PM for the Indian Television premiere of Toba Tek Singh

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