Sonu Nigam and his team attacked at a concert

Sonu Nigam and his team attacked at a concert
Sonu Nigam and his team were attacked at a concert for denying a selfie request. The video of the entire incident is now going viral on social media. In the video, Sonu Nigam can be seen walking down from the stage with his team and he is then pushed from behind by a man. This caused him to take a fall down the stairs.  After the entire incident, Sonu Nigam spoke to reporters and he explained what had transpired.
"Aap logon ka jo selfie aur photograph ka jo chala hua hai na, koi samajhta nahi hai," he told reporters.
“After the concert, I was coming down from the stage when a man held me. Then he pushed Hari and Rabbani who came to save me. Then I fell on the steps. If I would have been on the side, I would have fallen too. Rabbani could have died today if there were some iron rods lying on the ground," he added.

Sonu Nigam talks to media about how a fan tried to forcibly click a selfie post his concert and how Rabbani Khan and his bodyguard Hariprasad got injured in the scuffle that took place ...

Singer Sonu Nigam who raised his voice about Azan Loudspeakers attacked by Janab Uddhav Thackeray MLA Prakash Phaterpekar and his goons in music event at Chembur. Sonu has been taken to the hospital nearby.

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