SRK : please go soft on my son, alleged chats with Sameer Wankhede submitted in Court, details inside

SRK : please go soft on my son, alleged chats with Sameer Wankhede submitted in Court, details inside

SRK : please go soft on my son, alleged chats with Sameer Wankhede submitted in Court, details inside

Amidst the allegation of former zonal director of Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau Sameer Wankhede asking for bribe, Shah Rukh Khan's alleged chats with Sameer Wankhede have been submitted in court in latter's defence.

As per the reportedly leaked chats Shah Rukh Khan is begging to Sameer Wankhede to release Aryan

Shah Rukh Kahn’s son Aryan Khan was arrested in the drugs-on-cruise case in 2021.

Here are excerpts from the chat

“Sameer sahib may I speak with you for a minute please. Regards shah rukh khan. I know this is officially inappropriate and maybe outright wrong but once as a father if I can speak with you. please. Love srk,”

“Can't thank you enough for all the thoughts and personal insights you gave to me about my own. I will make sure that he turns out to be someone that you and I are both proud of. This incident will prove to be a turning point in his life I promise, in a good way. This country needs honest and hardworking young people to take it forward. You and I have done our PARTS THE NEXT GENERATION HAS TO FOLLOW and it's in our hands to mould them for the future. Thank you once again for your kindness and support . Love SRK,” Shah Rukh added.


Further reportedly when Shah Rukh asked Wankhede to be kind on Aryan, he said, “Of course don't worry.” Shah Rukh also promised Wankhede that Aryan will turn out to be a good man in the future. “I am going by what you said....I hope you feel my son has had the lesson you felt he should have had and henceforth he is able to build his life to be an upright hardworking young man towards a bright future. Thanks for all your kindness and care. ( sorry it's a late night message and I hope I am not disturbing you....but I was awake....naturally as a father ) Love srk. Sameer also said, ”Shahrukh he has been a good kid all the while and hope that he will for sure now be reformed a so enough counseled by me Hard days will be over soon."


Srk Sameer Wankhede chat and Aryan Khan case

Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan, who was arrested and spent about a month in jail, has been exonerated from this case by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) last year after a special investigation team (SIT) of the agency probed the raids afresh and said there was no evidence of wrongdoing against him.

The SIT, in its report submitted to the central administrative tribunal (CAT) last year, found irregularities against the 44-year-old Wankhede and his team on mainly two counts -- alleged irregularities in the conduct of the drugs-on-cruise raids and violations under the Central Civil Services (CCS) Rules. The CBI also claims that the Mumbai NCB team wanted to extort twenty five crores from Shah Rukh Khan to not book his son in the case.

Wankhede has denied these allegations and had approached the CAT and recently the Bombay High Court to quash the CBI FIR against him.

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