What happened when Raaj Kumar called Dharmendra a Monkey?

What happened when Raaj Kumar called Dharmendra a Monkey?

Raaj Kumar aka Kulbhushan Pandit was known for his clap worthy dialogues and his arrogance that distinguished him from other stars of his times.

Raaj Kumar also popularly known as Jaani if alive would have been celebrating his ninety five birthday today?

While there are many cases of his arrogant behavior, this one in particular with original Bollywood He – Man Dharmendra ion Raaj Kumar birthday s quite interesting.


Raaj Kumar called Dharmendra a Monkey

It happened during the shoot of the 1965 hit Kaajal that starred Meena Kumari, Raaj Kumar, Dharmendra, Padmini, Mumtaz, Mehmood, Durga Khote, Helen. The film's music is by Ravi, remember Chhoo Lene Do Nazuk Hoton Se by Mohammed Rafi

On spotting Dharmendra, Raajkumar quirkily asked the director Ram Maheshwari why he has taken a wrestler in the movie and whether rhe needs actors or wrestlers in the movie.

Poking further fun, Raaj Kumar in his implacable style called Dharmendra a Bandar (Monkey) and laughed wholeheartedly.


Dharmendra’s reaction

The He – Man Dharmendra was not to be scared of the aura of Raajkumar and he got furious, the garam dharam grabbed Raaj Kumar’s collar. The ex Indian police sub inspector in the Mumbai Police in the late 1940s turned to film actor Raaj Kumar was taken by surprise.


Did the fight happened between Raaj Kumar and Dharmendra

A bout/fight between Raaj Kumar and Dharmendra was about to break but the people present there came for rescue and the matter was settled.

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