Exclusive OMG 2: Adults Only and 20 cuts for a movie on sex education for adolescents, is CBFC losing sense?!

Exclusive OMG 2: Adults Only and 20 cuts for a movie on sex education for adolescents, is CBFC losing sense?!

Exclusive OMG 2: Adults Only and 20 cuts for a movie on sex education for adolescents, is CBFC losing sense?!

Finally, the Revising Committee of CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) has watched OMG 2 (Oh My God 2) the most awaited sequel of OMG (Oh My God - 2012).

And shockingly the Revising Committee of the CBFC has asked for 20 cuts (includes audio and visual) and offered an ‘A’ (Adults only) certificate.

As per the reliable sources of this author, OMG 2 ( Oh My God 2) starring Akshay Kumar as Lord Shiva, Pankaj Tripathi as his staunch devotee and Yami Gautam as a lawyer is based on sex education for adolescent. OMG 2 is written and directed by award winning filmmaker Amit Rai (Road To Sangam previous starring Paresh Rawal, Om Puri and Pavan Malhotra)

The Revising Committee of the CBFC shocking decision to grant an ‘A’ certificate for such an important and relevant subject shows the narrow mindedness of the CBFC headed by Prasoon Joshi.

The author tried to get in touch with the makers and people concerned but was told that since the matter is between the committee, CBFC and the makers nobody can comment at the moment.

Am appalled by such an attitude by the CBFC, are they losing sense, what was Prasoon Joshi doing during Adiprush – which had dialogues like Lanka tere baap ki.. was this suitable for kids? – was CBFC was okay with such degradation of a deity like Hanuman, Lord Ram, Ravana and Maa Sita?…

After a strong and vigorous backlash, they decided to chop the dialogues but the damage has already been done.

Now to save it face, CBFC is putting the responsibility on the Revising Committee.

Second important question is how come the subject of OMG 2 is now open in public. Who is responsible for the leak?

In my humble opinion the matters of CBFC, its revising committee are supposed to be kept as a secret. Normally, you don’t know which CBFC member has watched your film and given his opinion.

The recent objection over Oppenheimer by the Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur is another example how CBFC is becoming a laughable and unreliable nowadays.

The tussle between the film industry and CBFC and its committees – Examining, Reviving has been going for ages and will continue but ignorance and turning a blind eye creates a bad and unacceptable picture.

As per reliable source, the makers are hoping to achieve a UA certificate so that the core essence of the film reaches the target audience lets see what happens.


Sex education is an important and is a must. The right age begins from nine. As per reports (which should have not been out in first place but anyways) OMG 2 deals with this relevant and sensitive topic which is a must. We know what happens due to lack of sex education – rape, molestation etc. we all are aware of the Manipur horror.

CBFC and its Revising Committee seems to be confused between sex education for adolescent and sexual activity and or consultancy for adults. OMG,

I hope sense prevails in our dear Prasson Joshi led Censor Board.

OMG 2 is scheduled to release on August 11, 2023.


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