Bullet Train Review: Balanced comedy, high action & a dashing Brad Pitt

Bullet Train Review: Balanced comedy, high action & a dashing Brad Pitt

Bullet Train Review: Balanced comedy, high action & a dashing Brad Pitt

What: Bullet Train - The dashing Brad Pitt and the crackling chemistry between the actors in the chaotic mayhem makes Bullet Train immensely likable

Bullet Train movie synopsis

A train zooming at a lightning speed, a bunch of cold blooded unsuspecting assassins, a suitcase stacked with cash and a karmic connection underlined with revenge - form the foundation of the David Leitch directed Bullet Train which is the cinematic adaptation of the Japanese novel Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka.

Brad Pitt plays Ladybug, a former assassin who stabs and grabs , and is entrusted with the responsibility of collecting the briefcase in the train that is traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto.

While he has turned gibberishly philosophical and a preacher of peace, the other assassins in the train are not ! There is a constantly bickering duo - Lemon and Tangerine - played by Aaron Taylor Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry, the poisoner Hornet - Zazie Beetz , the coy British assassin dressed as a school girl played by Joey King and the Mexican Hitman played by Benito A Martinez who goes by the name 'The Wolf'.


Bullet Train movie review

Maker of Deadpool 2, Leitch seems to inherit the sensibilities of the acclaimed film-maker Quentin Tarantino and stages the action with solid proportions of fun, blood and gore. What makes it more investing are the superbly choreographed brawls between Brad Pitt and the other hitmen with the element of fun and smart humor. It keeps you completely hooked to your seats!


There is also an underwhelming undercurrent of revenge that an aged Andrew Jojo, a Japanese Assassin has vowed to seek on the chief nemesis , the elusive "White Death' which gets demonstrated in the firm of Samurai sword action and exquisite bloody-red visuals.

Overall, it's the superbly balanced comedy and high adrenaline action that keeps the Bullet Train going at a physics-defying momentum. Coming to Performances, Brad Pitt shines in his part and superbly enchanting in the riveting action. Johnson and Henry are perennially funny and keep the supply of humor intact even when the narrative falters with its Japanese setting of blood splattered action.

Bullet Train is wildly entertaining and it's the impeccable camaraderie between the actors that makes it more fascinating. Don't miss the flashy cameos of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds!


Rating : 4/5

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