Let’s look at the top picks of inventions by genius minds from The Inventor Challenge on Colors Infinity

Let’s look at the top picks of inventions by genius minds from The Inventor Challenge on Colors Infinity
The Inventor Challenge is a one-of-its-kind show known to stage exceptional and unprecedented ideas. The gifted inventors will now get a distinctive platform to showcase their ideas and stand a chance to bring them to life. On the other hand, the panellists will usher the raw ideas to more defined and polished conceptions, getting them ready to see the light of day. Watch all the ingenious minds at work every, Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on Colors Infinity.
Let us have a sneak peek at some of the popular inventors and their unique inventions from this season of The Inventor Challenge!
Shahida Bano – Smart Key
A 10th grader hailing from the dreamy lands of Jammu and Kashmir, brings in an exceptional Smart Key that helps with different issues related to cars. Be it deterring minors from using the cars, or preventing rash driving, underage driving, or any other vehicle-related situation, her brilliant invention is a one-stop solution for all.
Manishka Dubey – Safety Band
This talented young prodigy from Dehradun brings a unique safety band intensively researched and designed to safeguard kids. This device can be used by the parents to keep a track of their young children. This thoughtfully crafted band can be accessed via the LED screens of mobile phones and televisions as well.
Ayush Jain – Helmet-Holder with Backrest
Ayush Jain, a young and bright mind with a background in technological design, has a revolutionary solution for bikers. When he saw that the bikers carry two helmets, one for themselves and the other for the passenger, he developed a portable helmet holder with a backrest to help with the issue.
Pallavi Bhamare – Self-feeding Pouch
After having a hard time feeding her little one as they ran around the entire house, Pallavi coined the idea of a self-feeding pouch for babies. She created the prototype using raw materials easily available around her, which helped her cut down the cost of production massively.
Aryan Gupta – Cooling Jacket
Aryan Gupta, a 12th grade science student developed the brilliant cooling jacket. The idea was born in hot summers when he was playing cricket with his friends. He, along with his schoolteacher, worked on the innovative idea.The cooling jacket drops the temperature by 4-5 degrees in minutes to save oneself from the intolerable summer heat, and doesn’t cost a lot to produce, either!
Tune into Colors Infinity and be a part of this innovative journey featuring the extraordinary inventors only at The Inventor Challenge every Monday to Friday at 8 PM

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