Oscar winner Another Round movie review: Cheers to the most ‘spirited’ cinematic joy of the year!!

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What: Thomas Vinterberg’s Another Round (original tittle in Danish – Druk (binge drinking) is a ‘wine’ing gem, a ‘spiritedly’ intoxicating coming of age joy on screen that sees the awesome Mads Mikkelsen in his vintage avatar.

Another Round movie synopsis

Martin (Mads Mikkelsen), Tommy

(Thomas Bo Larsen), Peter (Lars Ranthe) and Nikolaj (Magnus Millang) are colleagues and friends at a school in Copenhagen. All four are going through a mid-life crisis, their life has gone mundane and boring. At a dinner celebrating Nikolaj's 40th birthday, the group begins to discuss psychiatrist Finn Skårderud’s crazy theory on alcohol in human body and its effects.

According to the theory, humans have a are born with certain content of alcohol in their body. If a certain BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.05 is maintained then it makes you more spirited, creative and relaxed.

The group initially dismisses the theory, but Martin gives it a shot and that works wonders for him at work and home.

The four – Martin, Peter, Nikolaj and Tommy start experimenting with the theory and their stale careers, failing marriages, and lost youth finds a new life. How long will this strange experiment work?

Another Round movie review

Bring out those glasses. Pour that champagne, share that whiskey – the most ‘spirited’ coming of age on screen movie experience is here. Cheers!!.

Thomas Vinterberg Another Round (original Danish title – Druk (binge drinking) – the winner for the best foreign language movie at the 93rd Oscars is certainly the joy of the year.

It may be revolutionary in this part of the world where alcohol is prohibited in some parts of the country and drinking is a taboo for a section of people. Thomas Vinterberg narrates a coming of age cult that says that a certain amount of alcohol can make you better add grace to your personality, rejuvenate, helps in winning over your fear, anxiety. Yes, the first impression does support this argument but in totality Another Round is a multi-layered study of mid-life crises, boredom, loneliness and the lack of ‘spirit’ in the mundane life of many of us.

Later, the sensible audience clearly understands that it’s not about the glory of the substance, it’s the story of the person after that break – the second innings, the second chance.

This is pure slice of life, coming of age gem.


Mads Mikkelsen gives his best performance as lead till date. He is simply brilliant.

Thomas Bo Larsen as Tommy, Lars Ranthe as Peter and Magnus Millang as Nikolaj are outstanding as well.

Gorgeous Maria Bonnevie is excellent as Anika. The veteran Susse Wold as Rektor adds good value.


Beautifully captured by Sturla Brandth Grøvlen’s camera and smartly edited by Anne Østerud, the spirit of Another Round is kept alive by Janus Billeskov Jansen’s wonderful music score.

Any memorable dialogue/scene

Quite a few, but the climax and the one in classroom when students are overjoyed when they found something interesting about Hitler.

Scene that should have been deleted at once



Those who considered drinking as a bad omen may not support this and may even protest against it.

Final words

Cheers!!. This will be remembered as one of the most spirited coming of age cult in coming years – an all-time classic which gets better when it ages like your favourite wine.


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