Boonie Bears: Guardian Code movie review: Adorably Cute

Boonie Bears: Guardian Code movie review: Adorably Cute

Boonie Bears: Guardian Code movie review: Adorably Cute

What: ‘Boonie Bears: Guardian Code’ the ninth feature of the very popular Chinese animated series directed by Lin Yongchang and Shao Heqi, hugs the kids but at times misses the kiss but still the franchise’s highest-grossing film that has these two simply adorable bears Bramble and Briar manage to bring a smile.

Boonie Bears: Guardian Code movie synopsis

Two lovable bear cubs Briar (Patrick Freeman) and Bramble (Joseph S Lambert) have been living happily with their mother Barbara (Kally Khourshid) in the forest of Crystal Peaks until a devastating fire separates them from their mother. Many years later they get a mysterious clue about their mother being alive. What happens next?


Boonie Bears: Guardian Code movie review


The best thing about ‘Boonie Bears: Guardian Code’ are those two undeniably adorable bears Briar (Patrick Freeman) and Bramble (Joseph S Lambert) in this formulaic massy animation feature helmed by Lin Yongchang and Shao Heqi. The environment theme laced with the danger/power of AI (artificial intelligence) is an idea good enough for an animation for adults, sadly the AI adventure over here weakens ‘Boonie Bears: Guardian Code’ reach to its target audience.

Anyhow, the CGI designs of bear brothers – the positive but silly Bramble and the serious Briar who is nursing a grudge on his mother for abandoning them are delightful enough.

The plot/storyline is not overwhelmingly kid friendly while the gags is competitive list of hit or a miss, further the surrogate love, the AI Mom factor threatens the narration.

Talking about the voiceovers - Patrick Freeman makes the audience interested in his emotions.

Joseph S. Lambert manages to twin goofiness with optimism nicely.

Kally Khourshid as the Mom displays her versatility in her avatars whether as a fierce warrior, a sentient robot Ursa or a nurturing mother as Barbara, she is fabulous.

Boonie Bears: Guardian Code – final words

Released on May 10, 2024 to cash on Mother’s Day which falls on May 12, 2024, ‘Boonie Bears : Guardian Code’ in spite of its somewhat weird plot/story has something for the kids and adults, its comic, adventurous laced with universal themes of loss, love, faith, fate, motherhood, humanity, the wonders and dangers of science and technology, the need to think about our environment told through two adorably cute bears.

Going with a deserving three stars


Rating : 3/5

Director :

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