James movie review: Pueeth Rajkumar will 'power' us forever

James movie review: Pueeth Rajkumar will power us forever

James movie review: Pueeth Rajkumar will power us forever

What: James movie review: Long Live Appu

James movie synopsis

The film starts by showcasing two rival gangs fighting it out to become the undisputed underworld don in Karnataka. One of those gangs is led by Vijay Gakaywad (Srikanth Meka). Fear of losing his life, he hires a popular security guard Santosh (Puneeth Rajkumar). But things change upside down for Vijay as Santosh has some old scores to settle with him. What will Vijay Gakaywad do now? Who is this Santosh? What is his backstory and what is the connection of James to this story? forms the basic crux of the film.


James movie review

James is a film that has stylized action as its forte. The film is directed by Chetan Kumar and he has made sure that James has full-on action elements and the fandom of Puneeth is happy throughout.

As Puneeth plays an army officer, the director had enough scope to go all out in the film. The twist that drives the film is showcased in the interval block. Until then, the film has multiple thrills and mass elements to keep the fans happy.

But the actual drama in James starts in the second half. The manner in which the flack back is brought into the narrative looks good. Though it is dragged a bit, it makes a lot of sense. James is a commercial drama and one should not look for novelty here. The film shows Puneeth as a larger-than-life army officer and how he takes his revenge.

When it comes to demerits, there is a love angle in James, but it is not given much attention by the makers. As a result, lead actress Priya Anand doesn’t have much to offer to the narrative of the film. Puneeth Rajkumar is a unique star hero. He gets all the noise, roaring BGM, slow-mo shots, endless praises.


Post-KGF, Kannada cinema is slowly but steadily increasing their budgets. That is shown well in James as the makers have spent well on the action blocks. The action choreography is superb and the ones composed in the second half are amazing. The BGM is very good and the rap versions scored to elevate Puneeth Raj Kumar is very good.

The camera work also has been done well as the film looks rich in so many areas. The production design is good as the mafia setup looks authentic. Editing is a bit dull though as some lengthy fight scenes should have been chopped off. The lyrics are amazing and the sad song composed for Puneeth is heart-touching.


Performances & final words


Puneeth Rajkumar is a legend whose power will rule the hearts and minds of his fans especially and the audience in general forever. One of the biggest phenomenon of Kannada cinema, James has everything what Appu fans have asked for. Action, dance – are in plenty. Power star Puneeth carries the film on his shoulders and the innocence on his face leaves you with beautiful emotions. Puneet is awesome in all the action blocks and enthrals his fans completely.

Heroine Priya Anand did not have much to do and her chemistry with the hero is also dull. Telugu star, Srikanth Meka gets the part of antagonist and he is menacing.

Sarath Kumar as the main villain is also neat while the supporting cast mostly Kannada actors do well in their respective roles.

Final Word

James is an out-and-action drama that caters to the fans of Puneeth Rajkumar. He leads from the front and satisfies his fans. The last shots of the film are very emotional and show Puneeth's journey. James will be remembered and savoured as power star Pueeth Rajkumar’s last hurrah on silver screen but Appu’s legacy, his goodness will power us forever.


Rating : 4/5

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