After award-winning singles Drishyam Play is out with another soulful track ‘Galtiyan’

After award-winning singles Drishyam Play is out with another soulful track ‘Galtiyan’!
Blending creativity and culture with meaningful messages, Drishyam Play is out with another original single ‘Galtiyan’ that’s guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings.
After winning two prestigious awards at the Kolkata Film Festival, Best Music for Fakeeri and Best Music Video for Rangrejiya, the music label that combines powerful poetry, earthy voices and young musicians now launches ‘Galtiyan’ with vocals by celebrated singer Mohan Kannan and Deepali Sathe.
Composed by Deepali Sathe and penned by Saaveri Verma, the lyricist of the popular ‘Ame Je Tomar’, ‘Galtiyan’ takes audiences through a heart-breaking narrative of a young couple who lose a child and the process of coping with the loss.
Directed by Pragyan Chaturvedi, the music video features OTT favourite Aasif Khan and Leila Lulla, whose performances will leave you teary-eyed.
Says producer Manish Mundra, “Drishyam Play aims to break away from stereotypical Bollywood music and bridge the gap between new professional musicians, lyricists and vocalists and meaningful cinema. ‘Galtiyan’ is one such offering that brings together some incredibly talented musicians, who not only showcase everything they have to offer but also tells a compelling story while doing that.”
Says singer Mohan Kannan, “Galtiyan is a lovely song and it was a great opportunity for me to work with 3 extremely talented people and for the first time with each of them. Saaveri is a fantastic lyricist whose work I have loved for a long time and Deepali is a super talented singer and this song showcases the fact that she composes beautifully too.
It was a pleasure to work with both of them for the first time, and the added bonus was meeting Vanikki, the young superstar who heads Drishyam Play, who constantly surprises me with her focus and her ideas and her clarity of vision. And finally, I think it helps a lot that all of us are quite mad and we have a lot of fun when we meet!”
Adds actor Aasif Khan, “ ‘Galtiyan’ is extremely special to me for many reasons. While it marks my music video debut some incredibly talented names like Mohan Kanan and Rahul Malik are associated with this track and I really admire their work. ‘Galtiyan’ is deep, meaningful and something I’m personally proud of. I look forward to working on many such projects with the team at Drishyam.”

Drishyam Play presents ‘Galtiyan’ produced by Manish Mundra and Vanikki Tyagi and starring Aasif Khan & Leila Lulla. With vocals by Mohan Kannan and Deepali Sathe, lyrics by Saaveri Verma and composed by Deepali Sathe, the song is out now on Drishyam Play’s YouTube channel.

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