Ishq Bector released the first song titled "Give A What" from his album "Vintage Ishq,

Ishq Bector has returned with a couple of bombs, His new song "Give A What" released on 7th July 2022  on his youtube channel. "Give A What." Is the opening track from his album VINTAGE ISHQ.The song has a special performance by ‘Desi Ma’ and it describes how two people become drawn to one another after meeting in a gully.
He may be seen rapping while displaying his kung-fu sword prowess, and Desi Ma exudes effortless coolness throughout her performance.

We want the old Aye Hip Hopper wala ishQ, everyone continues telling him (ishq bector), so he decided to produce and share his unfinished tracks from that era.

This tune is likely to get people moving in clubs and cars!

‘Give A What ‘ is  a commercial song that is currently popular on social media and digital platforms.He will shortly release the following track of  his album VINTAGE ISHQ  concurrently.

His song, "Disco Gully," was featured in the recently released Marvel Studios first-ever female superhero series, Ms. Marvel. He sung and composed the song "Disco Gully," which received a lot of attention and, of course, made him feel proud of the international reputation

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