Kashmiri Folk Pop Singer- Songwriter Aabha Hanjura releases her new Sufi song, ‘SAHIBO’

Sufi folk singer, songwriter, and ever-evolving live performer Aabha Hanjuri who has swept the charts with her viral hits and won many hearts, is poised to release her new Sufi single, Sahibo. This profound prayer, penned by Mehjoor, a respected former Kashmiri poet, is also a soulful tool for self-reflection.
Providing calmness, happiness, and harmony to all communities in Kashmir who turn to it in order to feel connected to the almighty, regardless of their faith, Sahibo is a great example of Kashmir's unique composite culture.
During terrible times, the song is claimed to have brought serenity to every Kashmiri. It is also frequently taught as a prayer in schools in Kashmir and is revered by all communities. Through her songs and her distinctive live act, Aabha is well-known for popularising Kashmir's rich cultural heritage.
Aabha hopes to instill positivity and serenity in the minds of people through Sahibo.  The song is a labour of love for Aabha, who worked on the unplugged EP throughout the pandemic's tough days and while pregnant.
Aabha Hanjura is widely known as the energetic lead singer of Sufistication, an eclectic folk-pop band who began learning Hindustani classical music at the age of nine. Aabha is credited for restoring long-forgotten Kashmiri accents and folk instruments, and is regarded as a pioneer in Kashmiri Pop music. She is a vibrant, dynamic singer who aims to bridge the gap between traditional and modern-day music. She is regarded as one of the formidable original voices to emerge from India's independent music industry.

Overwhelmed with the song release, Aabha Hanjura said, “I've been performing this prayer LIVE at most of my concerts, and when I did it in Kashmir, I could sense how each and every individual was touched by it, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I decided to make my own adaptation of this, and I'm so glad it's finally out! This prayer has always served as a cure to my soul. I'm hoping it has a similar effect on others.”

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