Palak and Mithoon, who tied the knot yesterday, say that they complement and complete each other

Palak and Mithoon, who tied the knot yesterday, say that they complement and complete each other.
Palak says, “I can say that he adds peace to my excitement.” While Mithoon adds, “She has added so much to my perspective of life. She helped me discover various facets of my personality that I was not aware of. I met myself once again through Palak
“Even though we have known and collaborated with each other on multiple occasions, there was never any kind of social connect between us. It was only in the last one year that I felt a strong connection. So, I spoke to my parents about it a few months ago, and soon they spoke to her parents. Then they had a formal meeting, after which we started interacting more to understand each other.” says Mithoon. Back in 2013, Palak and Mithoon had collaborated for Aashique 2. While the two have known and worked with each other, it wasn’t cupid, but their parents who brought them together.
Palak shares, “When the rishta came, my parents were very happy. Personally, I have always admired and respected him. All these years that we have known each other, we only met for professional reasons and always focused on our work. So, this thought (of spending our life together) never occurred to us, but now it feels like it was meant to be.”
Talking about keeping their wedding a simple and close-knit family affair, Palak says, “Our wedding celebration was a reflection of our personalities. The idea was to celebrate everything with people who mattered to us a lot.” Mithoon added, “The wedding ceremony was an emotional affair, and the reception party was a celebration of our Indian traditions. We both are very proud of our culture, and right from the décor and clothing, to the food, we tried our best to celebrate our heritage. Though we kept the celebrations low-key, I learnt that in Indore (Palak’s hometown), there were people who joined in the bandwagon by bursting crackers on the streets. They (fans) were really excited about this development in Palak’s life. Yeh jo apnapan hain na, agar aap ne gairon ko bhi apna hone ka ehsaas de diya, toh phir aapse bada insaan koi ho hi nahi sakta. She inspires people, and I am also inspired by her.” Mithoon says that he feels blessed to receive so much love and warmth from Palak’s mother. He adds, “I have developed a beautiful relationship with her family. Palak’s mom has been very protective of her. She has always been by Palak’s side. The day she gave Palak’s hand to me, I felt blessed.”
With an elaborate three-day celebration in Mumbai that comprised of haldi, mehendi, sangeet, shaadi and reception, Palak and Mithoon formalised their relationship yesterday in the presence of family and friends

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