MG Mehul Gadani’s ‘Rang Le’ by Shaan is out now

MG Mehul Gadani’s ‘Rang Le’ by Shaan is out now

Fervent music single video ‘Rang Le’ which features the euphonious voice of Shaan and the spectacular talent of Director MG Mehul Gadani is out now for listeners to relish.

‘Rang Le’ is a Sufi rock song. The song represents a bold yet well-crafted modern interpretation of Sufism which is always characterised by love, compassion, and humanity.

Director MG Mehul Gadani said, “The song musically combines all of what drives us to love and be compassionate. It was simultaneously amazing to direct and enjoy the shoot of the music video. Shaan and I were on the same wavelength in the whole shooting process. The experience of working with him and his amazing band was truly remarkable. I am very excited that the audience can now experience the song and I am positive that they are going to love it.”


About Rang Le

The music video is shot in an old ruin site in the alluring city of Antalya, Turkey. The selection of the location was made to resonate with the deep-rooted Sufi Tradition. It is a fusion between enthralling rock music and the tranquillization of Sufi music. The song is now streaming on Shaan’s YouTube channel, called ‘Singer Shaan’.

Recently, MG Mehul Gadani has directed the zestful song ‘Mood Sarkar Da’ with electrifying Jasmine Sandlas. He is working on more exciting projects to shower the audience with, in the near future.


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