Shannon K pays tribute to her father Kumar Sanu with her reprised version of his iconic song ‘Pehla Pehla Pyar’

After a number of hit songs recently, ace singer Shannon K dropped her special song titled ‘Pehla Pehla Pyar’, which is the reprise version of her father Legendary Kumar Sanu’s iconic song. The song is released on 5th August 2022, across digital platforms by Sony Music.
The poignant yet soulful song is very special to Shannon, as this is not only her first Hindi song, it is also a tribute to her father Kumar Sanu and his iconic song. The world has hummed and grown up to the soulful voice of legendary Kumar Sanu, the undisputed king of melody in Bollywood and now the world will witness the reprise version from his versatile daughter for the first time which is directed by Annabelle who graduated in Direction from LA films college. The music video was shot in Los Angeles keeping the visuals simple to tone with the mood of the song so people can focus on the song more than the video. 
Talking about the song, Shannon K excitedly says, “This song is exceptionally close to my heart as this is the first time I tried to remake my father’s song therefore I had to make sure I did justice to his song. When I first heard from the SONY that they wanted to remake my father’s song with me, first I was nervous, but then I was ecstatic with the idea. This has to be the most special song as dad was there to guide me throughout. This song is not only one of my favorite songs but I had THE LEGEND himself to guide me. 
On being asked, the legendary singer Kumar Sanu said, “When Shannon called me for the permission to remake my old song, I was little apprehensive of the idea because I knew audiences will have a lot of expectations from this song. Shannon is an extremely talented artist and has a unique voice, so I wanted to push her to experiment and wanted her to try my style for this song. But she went beyond my expectations and her versatile voice adds an intense emotion and expresses delicate and vulnerable shadings in the song. She has created an identity in the West and it gives me immense joy to see her do the same in her motherland too. I feel extremely proud seeing her evolving and growing everyday personally and professionally.”
Shannon K has slowly and steadily created a space for herself as an American pop-singer and songwriter in the western music industry. Her song 'Give Me Your Hand’ was a massive hit on Youtube and later was nominated for the most prestigious music awards in the American Music Industry. She also collaborated with singer Sonu Nigam for another feather in her cap titled ‘OMT’. ‘A Longtime’, ‘Always’, ‘Run’ & ‘Retrace’ are some of the singles that mesmerized listeners and gave her great recognition across the world. She hasn’t had it easy especially when her father is legendary ‘Kumar Sanu’ who has given us some of the biggest chartbusters in the last three decades of his career. But Shannon is ready to embrace her authenticity and showcase her uniqueness through her art.
‘Pehla Pehla Pyar’ released yesterday, so don’t forget to tune in and keep humming on it.

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