Tia Bajpai is back with Secret Dimension

Tia Bajpai is back with Secret Dimension.
Actress and Singer Tia Bajpai who has given us super hit films such as “Haunted 3D”, “1920 - Evil Returns and Red “Bankey Ki Crazy Baraat” ventured into solo music during covid and came out with her first 3D song Bon appetit that became a sensation overnight.
Much after a break from media Tia is back in India finishing her film shoot in Europe and all set to release her English track all over.
Talking about the same Tia reveals, “It’s an English music film, called “The secret Dimension” it’s about an artist’s journey, the ups and downs, the dark side of fame and the beauty of never giving up.
With our film, we’ve tried to bring out the pain and the beauty of human emotions. Each and every song has its own meaning and situation. “Wearing my crown” the song I’m releasing first, is my answer to all the people who make an artist’s difficult yet beautiful journey, more difficult. “
Tia is an established singer as we know she comes from the very reputed show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and ever since she has been on the show there has been no turning back, talking about what her music has been inspired from especially this song, Tia excerpts, “We named it “Wearing my crown” it’s from my upcoming movie “The Secret Dimension”. When you chose to be an artist and pursue a career in the entertainment industry, you open yourself to a lot of outside energy that you have no control over, there’s just so much rejection you face that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.
You will be rejected 7 times out of 10. The moment you give a bad movie or song, people will be after you, and social media isn’t making it any easy, there’s so much trolling lately it’s not even funny. So I made a song for all the haters and people who no matter how hard you work will always talk bad about you. Hate you for no reason. The best reply to them is my song. Hold your head high and smile. Make sure the crown stays intact. I always believe in this line.”
Sharing that, this has been the reason she has been away from the media and camera and wanted to focus only on her music.
Adding to the same Tia says, “Yes I wanted to focus on music, it’s always been my passion. “The secret dimension” started as a music album but over time I realized it’s much bigger than a music album, so we decided to make a movie out of it.”

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