XG main vocalist, JURIA, performs a track by popular Korean singer IU

XG main vocalist, JURIA, performs a track by popular Korean singer IU
XG burst onto the scene with their 2nd single MASCARA topping the iTunes charts in 17 countries and regions, as well as making it into the Spotify Viral 50 chart in 21 regions.
Hot on the heels of MASCARA, XG’s main vocalist CHISA released a vocal performance on YouTube, covering Tori Kelly’s hit single “Nobody Love”, earning high praise from fans across the globe.
Today, XG’s JURIA, also a main vocalist of the group, released her own solo vocal performance - this time covering popular Korean artist IU’s hit “이름에게 (Dear Name)” using her uniquely silky, sentimental voice to unleash an emotional performance.
JURIA wrote in detail why she chose IU’s “이름에게 (Dear Name)” for her vocal performance as well as her personal thoughts on the track:
“Since this was the first time I’d be unveiling my solo vocal performance to everyone, I wanted to sing “이름에게 (Dear Name)” by IU, an artist I respect deeply. Sticking true to the lyrics, I thought about the people I want to be reunited with just by saying their names, and sang the song by imagining myself as the protagonist of this song. I hope that I was able to convey my love and gratitude to the XG members, my family, and all the ALPHAZ who always give XG and myself lots of love and support!”

Fans around the globe are now buzzing with anticipation, speculating whether or not performances from the other members will be released in the following days and weeks. With many videos and performances coming up, it’s best to keep a close eye on XG.

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