Famous dialogues of ‘Bhopa Swami’ from MX Player’s Aashram

Famous dialogues of ‘Bhopa Swami’ from MX Player’s Aashram
Chandan Roy Sanyal, has gained wide acclamation for his portrayal of Bhopa Swami in Prakash Jha’s web series Aashram on MX Player. Bhopa Swami’s character as well his dialogues from the series has astounded the audience at large and his performance has been greatly praised. His calm persona in the face of intense decision making that is in most cases a matter of life and death, and overall, his relentless dedication to the Aashram as the right-hand man of Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala has won him accolades.
With the third season, Ek Badnaam Aashram coming on June 3rd on MX Player, some of Bhopa Swami’s renowned dialogues from the series are listed below:
Japnaam: The word ‘Japnaam’ is widely used by the audience today to greet individuals. It is observed that people use ‘Japnaam’ more frequently that ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ in their daily interactions.
Aajkal rajaon ki nahi humari chalti hai…humari: Aashram ke karta dharta Bhopa Swami is seen using the line in one of the episodes of the series that has been a huge hit among the viewers.
It doesn’t end here, among all other well-known dialogues, Bhopa Swami also says, “Ek Baar jo Aashram aagaya, toh U-turn toh na hai koi. Aashram ka asar pure state par hai”. It is indeed true that the audience is eagerly waiting for Season 3 of the series that will introduce them to more such amazing and un-forgetful dialogues of Bhopa Swami!

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