From Dune to Night Sky, 4 Sci-fi titles to broaden your horizons of imagination

From Dune to Night Sky, 4 Sci-fi titles to broaden your horizons of imagination
Brian K. Vaughan’s best-selling sci-fi comic series Paper Girls is a sci-fi drama now and is making eyes roll with its gripping content on Amazon Prime Video. Talking about sci-fi dramas, they transport you to an imaginary world where space (much beyond ‘sky') is the limit. 
There are countless great space fiction films and series to binge on. So, here’s presenting a list of top 4 sci-fi films and series to completely immerse yourself into!

Night Sky (Prime Video)
Night Sky is a trance-inducing sci-fi Prime Video drama series about an elderly married couple, who discover a portal that transports them to a barren alien land. Created by Daniel C. Connolly and Holden Miller, the drama keeps you hooked to its fantastic plot and amazing performances by J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek. The allegorical message of Night Sky is surprisingly serious and grounded as compared to any other series of the same genre. 

Stranger Things (Netflix) 
Stranger Things is a Lovecraftian take with an 80’s retro backdrop and synth-heavy background scores, all of which have culminated it to be a global rage now! Centred around a fictional town named Hawkins in the United States, Stranger Things narrates the gruesome adventures of a gang of youngsters, who encounter mythical monsters and are helped by a psychic outsider. The show has been going on for four seasons and has really matched the audience’s expectations with interesting developments of each and every character. 

Paper Girls (Prime Video)
The sci-fi drama series released on Prime Video is built around a mind-boggling time-travel adventure of four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they enter a world of time travel to fight a gory war. Paper Girls has already received an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and should be on your to-watch list!

Dune (Prime Video)
Dune, an epic sci-fi drama, revolves around a noble family at war for the control of galaxy’s most valuable assets while their successor gets troubled versions of a dark future. What makes Dune so unique is its distinct worldbuilding. Directed by Denis Villeneuve and adapted from the eponymous fictional novel written by Frank Herbert, Dune has been received widely and is coming with its next part scheduled for a 2023 release. 

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