These pristine locations in House of the Dragon on Disney+ Hotstar should be on everyone’s travel bucket list

These pristine locations in House of the Dragon on Disney+ Hotstar should be on everyone’s travel bucket list
Four episodes of George RR Martin’s story of the mighty Targaryen dynasty in the extraordinary world of House of the Dragon is now out on Disney+ Hotstar. Fans of fantasy, fiction, dragons and drama will know how the series is shaping up to be one of the biggest series of the year.  Set 200 years before the events that captivated global audiences in Game of Thrones,  the 10-episode series, with new episodes dropping every Monday at 6:30 AM IST (same time as the US telecast), is a gripping saga that takes us deep into the extraordinary dynasty of dragons that dominated the skies of Westeros. While some of its elements will be familiar to those who know Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon emerges as a standalone show with a compelling cast and a gripping narrative of exploring the Targaryen dynasty. 
Among everything that’s taking House of the Dragon a notch higher, some of the picturesque locations in the series are breathtaking. While a lot of scenes have been shot in sets of the fantasy world of Westeros, with familiar settings like King’s Landing and Dragonstone, the House of the Dragon cast and crew also hit the road to explore some new locations never seen before, and there are some pristine unseen locations you can check out in real life. Here are the destinations every House of the Dragon fan or travel enthusiast needs to visit.
St Michael’s Mount, UK 
In the UK, St Michael’s Mount, a tidal island linked to the town of Marazion by a causeway, became Driftmark in Blackwater Bay, the seat of House Velaryon. 
Derbyshire, somewhere in the middle of England 
The picturesque village of Castleton in Derbyshire became The Vale of Arryn. 
Monsanto, Portugal 
Monsanto, a historic hill town in Portugal, doubled for Dragonstone, the ancestral home of House Targaryen. According to executive producer Jocelyn Diaz, the location made for amazing sights and has prehistoric rock formations on top of the hill. However, the location is so remote that the team had to reach there by foot. 
Granada, Spain
In Spain, the medieval castle at La Calahorra in Granada, became Pentos, one of the free cities across the narrow sea from Westeros. The medieval walled city of Cáceres was filmed for exteriors in King’s Landing.
So, if it’s time to plan your next trip, you may want to do it the House of the Dragon style. 

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