Check out Netflix's upcoming series

Check out Netflix's upcoming series
Topping Netflix’s global series list following its release last November, fans of dark fantasy drama and the original webtoon series will be pleased to know that Hellbound will soon return for a second season! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of Season 2 to make the wait more bearable. 

Hellbound Season 2

As a fresh take on the fan-favorite Spanish series, the first part of Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area captured the magic of the original while giving audiences a flavor of a heist that is uniquely Korean - from the backdrop of the series set in a world where the two Koreas are close to reunification, to the Hahoe masks that date back to the 12th century.
Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area will soon make its comeback with more exciting action and secrets to be uncovered - catch a glimpse of this heart-pounding chase scene in Part 2. 

Brace yourself for ripped physiques and fierce feats of strength as 100 male and female contestants battle it out in this new extreme competition series Physical: 100 to claim the honor of best body. Who will be the last one standing? You’ll have to watch to find out. 

It has been a year since Squid Game became a global smash hit, and the series is still making history with record-breaking wins at the Emmy Awards. While we await the release of Season 2, here’s an exclusive look at an unreleased clip from Season 1, confirming the mysterious identity of the Front Man. 

For all you fans who ship Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-yeon, here’s a sweet surprise. The duo who kept audiences on the edge of their seats with their bittersweet relationship reunited at Tudum for an Inferno Island tour to tease audiences on what’s to come in Season 2.
With a longer runtime of 10 episodes, Season 2 will see new hotties make the infamous deserted island their home in hopes of meeting their perfect match. Will there be any love stories coming out of the show that are #relationshipgoals? Only time will tell! 

Starring Minho from popular K-pop boy band SHINee and actress Chae Soo-bin (I Am Not A Robot, Sweet & Sour), The Fabulous follows four best friends as they chase their dreams alongside fashion’s elite while juggling demanding jobs, romantic dilemmas and wild nights on the town.
In the series, Minho plays Ji Woo-min, a freelance photo editor established in his profession and known for his attractive appearance. However, he struggles with finding passion for his work. Things change when he encounters Pyo Ji-eun (played by Chae Soo-bin), a PR manager for luxury brands, and the two find themselves in a blossoming romance.
Aside from the compelling plot which takes a hyper realistic look on love, friendship and dreams, tune into this new series for a stunning visual feast!

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