Amazon Mini TV Clean review: Complex, Vulnerable, Real & Compassionate

What: Amazon Mini TV movie Clean review: Zoya Parvin explores the complex, vulnerable, real & compassionate tale of two sisters in this 21 minute short movie that sees Amrita Puri and Aisha Ahmed in the lead getting along marvelously as siblings with issues.

Amazon Mini TV Clean synopsis

It’s a sunny afternoon; elder sister Saba (Amrita Puri) is preparing mutton curry for her father who is visiting her younger sister Meher (Aisha Ahmed). Saba has some reservations regarding Meher but tries to keeps it within herself. A shocking incident happens during the visit which rekindles all the good and bad memories, issues related to the two sisters who speak their heart out with each other to come ‘Clean’.


Amazon Mini TV OTT short movie Clean review

Writer director Zoya Parvin first shot as the main director in the short movie ‘Clean’ smartly weaves the ‘addiction’ past of Meher to bring out the burning issues between the two siblings. Aptly titled ‘Clean’ is an adage on love, affection, the aftermath of addiction for the addicts, acceptance, faith, fate, hate, guilt, jealousy, responsibility, duty and more..

The conversation that begins after a shocking incident is realistically handled and not at all overdramatized.

Many of the viewers will relate to the issues of insecurities and trusts that are discussed when Saba and Meher put their point forward. Those who themselves and/or their families have gone through the phase of Meher will relate to the anxiety and fear of acceptance/rejection coming from the family/society.

Zoya Parvin does a fantastic job in handling multiple issues in a 21 min short movie and does it with conviction. Her narration flow is simple and relatable that showcases normal day life on screen.

Amrita Puri and Aisha Ahmed jell with each other marvelously. Both Amrita and Aisha are amazingly natural in the movie.

Final words

Clean is another achievement by Amazon Mini TV in association with Sikhya Entertainment in telling short stories that can make big impact. After Gupt Gyan, Sorry Bhaisaab comes Clean to complete a hatrick. Clean is both heart- warming & rendering.


Rating : 3.5/5

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