Amazon MiniTV Gupt Gyaan review: Endearing!

Amazon MiniTV Gupt Gyaan review: Endearing!


What: Amazon MiniTV Short Film 'Gupt Gyaan' cutely whispers that it’s time to talk about sex.

Amazon MiniTV Gupt Gyaan synopsis

Two teens played by Ritu (The Family Man fame - Ashlesha Thakur) and Anuj (Yeh Meri Family fame - Vishesh Bansal are in love. The high school teens are simple boy and a girl from a normal middle class family. One day Ritu misses her menstrual cycle and gets worried. Fearing pregnancy, the panicked Anuj manages to get a pregnancy test kit. What happens next?.

Amazon MiniTV Gupt Gyaan review

Saqib Pandor’s 16 – 17 odd minutes movie cutely advocates the need to talk about sex in schools. The movie through the adolescent of Ritu and Anu’s romance explores the urgency of sex education.

Fearing pregnancy Ritu says, “Kiss toh kiya tha na’, to Anu, how ironic in a country that gave Kama sutra to the world centuries ago, and I am told that the ultimate guide of making love by Rishi Vatsayan has thousand ways of just kissing your partner.

Coming back to Saqib Pandor’s sweet little gem on love and innocence, Gupt Gyan produced by Guneet Monga and Achin Jain, under the banner of Sikhya Entertainment is a step ahead after Transistor in its analogy of Love but lacks the depth and layers which Transistor had. Transistor was an expression with a comment, Gupt Gyan is more of a cute expression and the need of sex education has to be figured out by the audience and less arty then Transistor.

However, Ashlesha and Vishesh’s look endearing on screen and act marvelously making us connect with them instantly.

Saqib Pandor does a commendable job in presenting a sweet little gem with a message that’s the need of the hour.

Final words

Looking for a cute little short coffee break with your favorite then tune into Gupt Gyaan on Amazon MiniTV


Rating : 3.5/5

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