CAPITAL A Small a Review : Wish the film was LONGER !

CAPITAL A Small a Review : Wish the film was LONGER !
Does physicality really come your way when you are infatuated to someone ? Do your body limitations make you feel insecure ? Yes, it does! We always succumb to the  “Log kya sochenge, Gharwaale kya kahenge” syndrome and that affects our freedom of expression and decision making abilities.
Amazon miniTV’s  ‘Capital A small a’, produced by On the Ball Productions, directed and co-written by Sumit Suresh Kumar along with Gaurav Joshi addresses these issues in a very simple, lucid and charming way.
The short film revolves around the lives of two youngsters Aanshi (Revathi Pillai of Kota Factory fame) and Aadi (Darsheel Safary, Taare Zameen Par). While Aanshi is a dreamy romantic, while Aadi is a charming coquette, and sparks instantly fly when they first meet each other. While their bond blossoms, situations take a turn for the worse, when their acquaintances poke fun at them owing to their stark height difference. Aadi is shorter than Aanshi and hence they are mocked as Capital A, small a by their classmates. When their affair becomes a laughing stock, tension ripes between the duo.
Capital A small a exudes vibes of a hunky-dory and feel-good Khatta-Meetha teenage romance drama that revives the idea of true connections in viewers’ minds. An entertaining movie of 22 odd minutes , it successfully explores the ups and down of first love and leaves the audiences with a heartwarming message.
I like the spontaneity of Revathi who proved her mettle in Kota Factory. Darsheel appears to be more methodical and restrained. Probably, his character demanded that aspect from him. Nevertheless, together they look really cute and rise above the hurried writing ! Zaira Ali and Ranaya Agarwal are decent. Wish this short film had been given the opportunity to fledge its wings and become a series. There was ample scope in it.

I go with 3 stars out of 5. The miniTV movie premieres on 17th November on Amazon miniTV for free, available within Amazon’s shopping app and Fire TV.

Rating : 3/5

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