Fatafati Movie Review: A beautiful film that inspires

Fatafati Movie Review: "A beautiful film that inspires

Fatafati Movie Review: "A beautiful film that inspires

What: Fatafati in Bengali means Amazing. But it serves as a social media handle for Fat - A - Fati, about a plump woman who is an amateur tailor.

Fatafati Movie Review

Aritra Chatterjee's film chronicles the struggle of Phullora (Rita Bhari Chakraborty) who is constantly poked and body-shamed by family and neighbours. Her mother-in-law taunts, " what’s the point in wearing these beautifully stitched blouses when you can't wear them!". She laments. Her docile and supportive husband, Belu da (Abir Chatterjee) sympathises.

Her only companion is her teenage spectacled 'devar' who makes her popular influencer on social media. Their camaraderie is cheerfully pleasing.

When she walks the ramp and overcomes her own inhibitions and complexes, the propaganda-driven agenda of celebrating plus-size and the related apparel becomes clear.

But writer Ziniya Sen overdoes at many points. You will be roving your eyeballs when you see an auto driver denying Phullora a ride because she is overweight. It gets preachy and cringy. What's quite believable is the middle-class woes demonstrated through the depiction of economic diversity between small town and Kolkata by cinematographer Aalok Maiti's lenses.

These imperfections are glossed by a surefooted performance from the protagonist- Ritabhari. She lends depth and emotional gravitas to her character and is ably supported by Abir's balanced act. Swastika Dutta is convincing as the svelte and slim, caustic-character model.

I go with 3.5 stars for Fatafati.The 2 hour is streaming on Sony LIV platform

Fatafati to stream on 4th August on Sony LIV!


Rating : 3.5/5

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