Forensic Review: The science of crime gets a twisty edge

Forensic Review: The science of crime gets a twisty edge
The most complex of all things in this universe is undeniably the human mind. It can drive you to do the most benevolent work and it can also send you into the abyss of sinister. A clinically sick mind is the most dangerous and baffling entity to deal with. Over the years, Cinema has dabbled in exploring it's dark contours - disturbing, unsettling and even brutal.
Probably this fascinates director Vishal Furia who gave us films like the social horror Chhori.
His Forensic, which is a scene to scene remake of the 2020 Malayalam film with the same title, is centered on brutal serial murders of young girls in the scenic hillstation of Mussoorie.
Starring Vikrant Massey and Radhika Apte in the lead, who play estranged lovers but are brought together by their professional duties to investigate the serial killings, Forensic keeps you hooked to your seats through its 2 hour narrative until you reach a jolting climax.
The serenity of Mussoorie is disrupted when young girls are mysteriously abducted and their dead bodied are found in secluded places.With life under threat, schools are closed and police launches a tight investigation by appointing it's most diligent officer - Radhika Apte in the case. Forensic Expert Johnny Khanna, played by Vikrant Massey, is also brought into it.
Though their roles go hand in hand, Johnny and Megha are hostile to each other due to their troubled past. But when their investigation suspects a 10-12 year old as the prime culprit and their niece's life faces danger, they must unite to nab the killer.
Like the meandering roads in the hills of Mussoorie, Forensic follows a dense and serpentine trajectory as the cocksure Johnny and sincere but borderline paranoid Megha go about solving the case.Furia conjures an intriguing milieu and presents interesting case facts in his narration, with the needle of suspicion shifting from a delinquent midget to a young boy with an abusive past.
While the revelation shocks you and somewhat far-fetched for a discerning viewer,  the film falls into the typical Bollywood tropes during the second half as the leads try to break protocols and whoodwink the cops on their mission to catch the actual killer.
But what glosses these rough edges are the fine and committed performances of Massey and Apte - the apples of OTT's eyes. Massey has an inherent charm and here he imbues his character with a smart-alec charisma. Apte hits the right notes as the no-nonsense cop. She screams, she yells and she even shoots. She oozes toughness in right measures. Both the actors are surrounded with a good set if supporting cast - Vindu Dara Singh playing a good natured and bumpy subordinate to Apte, Rohit Roy as Massey's elder brother, Prachi Desai as the sober psychiatrist and Anant Mahadevan.
The film boasts of a sweeping cinematography with DoP Anshul Chobey capturing the exquisite glimpses under to his lenses.But Adrija Gupta's music falls short to aid the creepy moments in the film.
On the whole, Forensic is a decent thriller that you can invest in for this weekend. 


I go with 3 stars out of 5 for Forensic.The 2-hour film is streaming on Zee 5.

Rating : 3/5

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