Kacchey Limbu movie review: Inspiringly compassionate and winningly charming sibling tale of love

Kacchey Limbu movie review: Inspiringly compassionate and winningly charming sibling tale of love

Kacchey Limbu movie review: Inspiringly compassionate and winningly charming sibling tale of love

What: Kacchey LimbuThe Radhika Madan, Rajat Barmecha, and Ayush Mehra starrer marking the debut of Shubham Yogi as a feature director (shorts - Uninvited, Glitch, Suno, and Kaande Pohe previous) is a winningly charming sibling tale of love that ‘bats’ the game of cricket smartly to hit boundaries and score high on life assuring, coming of age, feel good family runs.

Kacchey Limbu movie synopsis

Kacchey Limbu is about siblings Akash (Rajat Barmecha) the elder brother and his younger sister Aditi (Radhika Madan) staying in Mumbai.

Akash is popular in his area due to his extraordinary gully cricket skills. His latest record of hitting six sixes in a row during an underarm gully/box cricket tournament has impressed the legendary Sachin and his video of hitting sixes has gone viral – courtesy Sachin sir. The 26 year old Akash wants to pursue his passion cricket as his career but his parents – father played by Mahesh Thakur wants him to have a secure job.

Aditi is figuring out between her Bharatanatyam classes, fashion designing, her hidden passion for cricket and parents pressure to pursue a career in medical as a doctor.

Aditi adores her brother’s skills as a cricketer. Amidst pressures of finding a job, Akash gets an opportunity to become the face of a new Cricket league – an underarm league but this will happen only next year.

The popular local underarm cricket tournament is about to commence in the society and during a family dinner a discussion about Akash’s future takes an unexpected turn when Aditi and Akash get involved in an argument.

The argument leads to a challenge – were If Akash wins, he will follow his passion and if Aditi is able to make her team and defeat Akash then he will follow the path decided by their parents.


Kacchey Limbu movie review

Shubham Yogi in his feature film debut uses the game of cricket to tell a heartwarming, inspiring and winning tale of sibling love and family bonding. While Gurinder Chaddha’s crossover Bend It Like Beckham was an uplifting tale of woman empowerment that showcased the love for this so called ‘man’ sport by a girl, Kacchey Limbu focuses on a woman who loves cricket at the centre point to highlight the spirit of love, bonding, friendship, sportsman spirit and more.

Kacchey Limbu by Shubham Yogi starts a bit abruptly but without wasting much time finds its colour, the USP is the camaraderie between Akasha and Aditi smartly used in the proceedings taken straight from urban life with identifiable characters and touchy moments.

A unique feel good take on team spirit, sports, team work and self discovery, Kacchey Limbu is also about positive thinking and challenging the stereotypes and of course self believe and hope.

The triumph of the underdog, the hero within you, Kacchey Limbu is a small little gem that roots for the underdog and respects the champion.

A moment during the match between Akash and Aditi touched my heart and will stay forever.

Interestingly, Kacchey Limbu is not about upmanship, it’s a unique saga were almost every character Akash, Aditi, the watchman, the kid, the guy who helps Aditi to form a team played by Ayush Mehra are on journey of a self discovery.

No hatred, no jealousy between the siblings and the team, the family drama is subtle and practical with no heated arguments and insults. No foul language, nothing objectionable, Kacchey Limbu is a clean engaging and enlightening family fun – a rare rare phenomenon on OTT.  

Anshul Takkar music moves with the film nicely, Piyush Puty’s camera captures the various emotions in light and dark beautifully, editing by Mitesh Soni is fine.


Radhika Madan is charmingly superb throughout. The actress excels in a role that is quite unique.

Rajat Barmecha as Akash, the loving elder brother who supports his younger sister is outstanding; the Udaan boy gives a solid mature performance.

Ayush Mehra as a guy who has a crush on Aditi is endearing.

Mahesh Thakur as the father of Akash and Aditi has his moments.

Kacchey Limbu final words

Kacchey Limbu (rough translation Unripened Lemons) is a family drama, a rare sports film, a rare coming of age all in all one. Kaache Limbu is about family values, sibling love, culture, gender, parents and growing up. It’s an heartwarming, inspiringly compassionate and winningly charming surprise on OTT. Watch it with your family on JioCinema – its streaming from May 19, 2023 and it’s free.


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Rating : 4/5

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