Maja Ma movie review: Madhuri Dixit fascinates in a pleasing eye opener

Maja Ma movie review: Madhuri Dixit fascinates in a pleasing eye opener


Maja Ma movie review: Madhuri Dixit fascinates in a pleasing eye opener

What: Maja Ma – Madhuri Dixit fascinates in prime video’s unusual family entertainer

Maja Ma movie synopsis

Baroda based Tejas Patel (Ritwik Bhowmik) is in love with Esha Hansraj (Barkha Singh) daughter of rich NRI Bob Hansraj (Rajit Kapoor). After passing a lie detector test (yes you read it right), the Hansraj’s father Bob and mother Pam (Sheeba Chaddha) decide to visit Tejas family in India.

The Hansraj’s land in Baroda and meet the charming Pallavi Patel (Madhuri Dixit) mother of Tejas. Father Manohar Patel (Gajraj Rao is a simpleton) while the sister of Tejas – Tara (Srishti Shrivastava) is a fire band LGBT activist.

A rumour about Pallavi Patel – the ideal middle aged bharatiya naari - famous for her dance and cooking, threatens the future and status of her family. Tejas' engagement with Esha is in doldrums.


Maja Ma movie review

Pleasingly woven, Maja Ma is has a riveting understanding on love and relationship told thorough a female heart with an eye that describes the perspective of the rigid chauvinist male Maja Ma is a gift wrapped with surprise.

But here is a warning, the disclosure of the diva Madhuri Dixit seems sudden and the subject deserved a right pitching by the marketing team.

Maja Ma a movie about a family cannot be watched with a family with kids below 18 in my opinion.

It’s good that OTT has provided the space to explore such themes by makers like Anand Tiwari and icons like Madhuri Dixit.

However I would have appreciated a more mature handling of the sensitive subject revolving around the LGBT community and sexual identity.

It’s the last 30 – 40 odd minutes that the movie gets it lost spirit and achieves triumph.

Madhuri Dixit excels and is perfectly cast. The diva delivers and how.

Gajraj Rao is terrific.

Barkha Singh is fantastic.

Ritwik Bhowmik is marvelous.

Rajit Kapoor is too good

Srishti Shrivastava is in sync with her character

Sheeba Chaddha is wonderful.

Simone Singh is excellent.


Production values are top class. The movie looks colourful and vibrant. Cinematography by Debojeet Ray is eye candy. Costume Designing by Shivangi Shrivastav is apt.

Music by Souumil and Siddharth, Gourov Dasgupta and Anurag Sharma blends well with the movie.

Final words

Maja Ma starring the diva Madhuri Dixit is not the usual ‘family entertainer’ as expected, it’s a pleasing eye opener on understanding of love and relationships.


Maja Ma movie review in Hindi

मज़ा मा मूवी रिव्यु 
माधुरी जी ये क्या बवाल खड़ा कर दिया

Rating : 3/5

Director :
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