Red Notice movie review: cry cry baby cry, Abbas-Mustan is staying alive!!


Red Notice movie review: cry cry baby cry, Abbas-Mustan is staying alive!!

What: A 200-million-dollar supreme blunder and waste of resources staring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Ritu Arya, Red Notice streaming on Netflix is a spoofy tribute to India’s Men in White – the director duo Abaas Mustan.

Red Notice movie synopsis

Writer Rawson Marshall Thurber has written this ho hum hum drum that’s all about those Cleopatra’s eggs.

FBI agent John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) is after self-proclaimed thief no.1 Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds). The gorgeous Bishop Sarah Black (Gal Gadot) is after these cop and thief with an agenda. Inspector Urvashi Das (Ritu Arya) is after all of them.

Red Notice movie review

The prime purpose of this 200-million-dollar exercise is to prove that star power rules and rules big. Netflix’s mega investment starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in support of this claim results in a completely lifeless and immediately disposable movie.

What an irony, many people will see Red Notice but no one will remember or either take notice of anything in this disaster of gigantic proportions.

Writer director Rawson Marshall Thurber (Central Intelligence, Skyscraper previous) helms something which any wannabe teenage filmmaker would have done it far better and with a fraction of the budget mentioned above.

This khichadi of all sorts shot in the sigdi (burner) of exotic locales of Atlanta, Rome, Sardinia, Bali, Egypt etc, has everything the world of heist, cop robber buddy movie clichés can offer.

But the unsatisfied writer director Rawson Marshall Thurber felt something is still missing in this 200-million-dollar mega adventure toh a rip off of “Indiana Jones” pops up. Yes, everything pops up in this sugarless lollypop type of movie which then suddenly changes into a tasteless chewing gum. Ho hum. Ab kaha jaye hum.

All this ‘egging’ around for what. Anything can go, explode, wham, in the name of Heist? The subscribers may ask this question. Netflix please.

My question is to Mr. Rawson Marshall Thurber – sir it’s good to find you are a fan of the famous Indian Men in White - Abbas-Mustan. But suddenly pop up overnight to blow our senses with this bheja fry. Why why?.

If you continue like this then you may need a crash course of sense, sensibility, and credibility in your cinema.

Was these 200 dollars delivered to write such a stingy ragbag script collected from all those seen million times in movies before. Red Notice is such a dull, soulless, misadventure. Shelter shelter.

Of the cast, Dwayne Johnson evidently thinks it’s cool to be expressionless. The sheer eye candy Gal Gadot has acted much better before. Ryan Reynolds is the only reason this remains very remotely tolerable. No matter how ridiculous his jokes may sound but they feel impromptu on screen. Ritu Arya is plain average.

Final words

Die-hard fans and genre lovers may still ask is this ‘time pass’/fun”. I will give the following reasons

If you are keen in Netflix recovering those 200 million dollars soon cause the OTT giant has given some unforgettable moments as well.

Those who believed that the cinema of Indian Men in White – Abbas Mustan is bygone. Abbas Mustan’s cinema which was heavily inspired by Hollywood will one day find such a hefty tribute from Hollywood so what if its spoofy.

For rest its Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba. Who selected this song for the promotion of this supreme dud?.

And mind you the great writer director of Red Notice Rawson Marshall Thurber has hinted a sequel as well.



Rating : 1/5

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